10 Best Baby Pools in 2018


What Are The Best Baby Pools? – Let’s Review!

Summers are a great time to bring the playing outdoors for some fun in the sun. The warmer temperatures can easily become unbearable. That is why with the help of the best baby pools you can keep cool and enjoy more of the summertime sunshine. This helps to beat the heat while making some classic family memories.

We know it can be hard to find the best pool for toddlers and that is why we have helped by finding some of the best on the market. All of these pools are safe and guaranteed to bring some family fun time. Now, all you need to do is grab the hose and some sunscreen.

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Baby Pools Reviews

1. Sunset Glow Baby Pool by Intex


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Sometimes you just need a basic high quality baby pool. If this sounds like you the Sunset Glow Baby Pool is the one you should get. It is made from high quality material and even features an inflatable base. This will give your children a soft base to sit and play on when they are in the pool.

There are three colorful rings (green, yellow and pink) that inflate to 10 inches tall and 34 inches in diameter. This pool will hold 22 gallons of water and is super easy to inflate and fill. It also comes with a patch kit, because we all know that kids can be clumsy. This pool can come in a set of 4, 5 or 6 so you can get one for your friends and family.

Why we love it – Intex have made a great inflatable swimming pool for toddlers. It fills to a great height making it perfect for children of any age.

2. Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool by Intex


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The Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool is a great addition to your yard. It features an awning that is shaped like a fish’s mouth. Not only will this provide shade for your toddler’s skin but also encourage them to start swimming. The dimensions of this pool make it idea for children aged 1 to 3 years old. It fills to 14 gallons of water and has walls that are 6 inches tall. It is on the smaller side which allows even the smallest yard to transform into a waterpark for your kids.

Why we love it – This is one of the top rated baby pools on the market today. The shape of the pool will make your kids want to swim. Intex has created a great pool that you and your children will love.

3. Play And Shade Pool by Step2

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If you are concerned with the sun affecting your toddler’s skin the Play And Shade Pool by Step2 is the option you want. It has been designed to hold a 40 inch umbrella to protect your kids from the sun. The pool itself is a hard plastic that has been molded to perfection. This pool is around 24 inches deep making it deep enough to splash around without the water being too tall.

Why we love it – This is one of the best hard plastic kiddie pools on the market. Step2 has thought of everything when they designed this pool. The umbrella holder comes with three buckets that let water trickle down to a wheel that spins. The base has built in traction so your kids can stand and play without slipping.

4. Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool by Intex

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There is a reason Intex has been featured so many times throughout our list: they make great kids pools. Their Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool is no exception. It has an inflatable giraffe head and hanging toys that they can play with while sitting in the water. The pool will fill to 14 gallons while only being 4 inches tall. This makes this pool ideal for young children as they can sit and play without the water being too tall. The pool also comes with loads of accessories including two noisemakers, two inflatable rings and even a repair patch kit.

Why we love it – Intex is great when it comes to baby pools. This option has a low water level which allows any aged children to play and have fun. The ring toss will also entertain them while the dangling noisemakers will keep their attention for even longer.

5. Mushroom Baby Pool by Intex

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This Mushroom Baby Pool’s small round shape and covering combine to make an ideal pool. The walls are 5 inches tall and the pool can be filled to 12 gallons. It takes up very little floor space which allows you to maximize your yard’s area.

Why we love it – This is a great baby pool. It has a canopy that keeps your kids in the shade while the walls are quite short making it ideal for babies aged 1 to 3 years old. This pool doesn’t take that much effort to inflate and will stay upright for days at a time.

6. Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center by Intex


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The Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is more than just a baby pool. It is a play structure. It has two pools that are connected by a slide. Along the edges are water sprayers that shoot water in the air creating a cool mist for your kids. The outer rim also has a ball roller game built into it. The pool’s capacity is 77 gallons with 5.5 inch walls. If you are looking for a pool that will impress kids from the entire neighborhood this is the pool you want.

Why we love it – This is one of the best baby pools of 2018.  It has built in games and features like a water sprayer that will keep your kids entertained for days. The built in slide connects the two pools and will get your toddlers used to splashing in the water.

7. Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool by Intex


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This fun inflatable beach themed pool will quickly become a family favorite. This is one of the top kid’s swimming pools as it is relatively deep standing one foot tall. This allows for an impressive 151 gallon capacity that will allow multiple kids to splash and enjoy the water. Summertime fun will be easy to get with the fun design of this swimming pool.

With a vinyl inflatable exterior, this pool features two air chambers with double valve intakes. A free flow exhaust valve makes deflating this pool easy for even easier storage. The included repair kit allows you to effortlessly patch any holes allowing you to increase the lifespan of this pool. The shelf box provides easy storage.

Why we love it – This fun inflatable pool by Intex will provide a much needed escape from the summertime heat. With a fun design and a large capacity all you will need is a hose to fill and your family will be on their way to make some classic summertime memories. The two air chambers allow you to get the most use out of this pool.

8. Mini Frame Pool by Intex


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This is a great pool for families with dogs that enjoy splashing in the water. The metal steel frame helps to create a secure frame that will effortlessly withstand some abuse. Padded horizontal beams add safety and comfort to the pool edges. An easy to empty drain plug makes this pool even easier to set up and take down.

Recommended for kids 3 and up, your toddler is sure to enjoy splashing and playing in this favorite Intex pool. Standing at about a foot deep it is the perfect height for toddlers and dogs to easily get in and out of. A larger pool with an 89 gallon capacity, this pool comes in at a lightweight 10.3 pounds. This makes transporting a breeze. Summertime fun can be extended with this pool coming complete with a repair kit that allows you to easily patch and fix any natural wear and tear.

Why we love it – This Mini Frame pool by Intex is the perfect pick for those looking for a sturdy pool that will last. Great for the whole family, including your furry family members, this pool can be enjoyed by everyone. With padded horizontal beams and a patch kit this durable pool is safe and fun. The easy to set up frame combines with the drain plug and the lightweight design to make this an easy pool to setup and takedown.

9. Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool by Intex


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This green inflatable swimming pool is a great option for your toddler. Coming in at under 7 pounds this lightweight pool is easy to transport and can be blow up relatively easily. With a large capacity sitting at nearly 200 gallons this pool is deep enough to be enjoyed by adults as well.

The vinyl pool consists of 2 air chambers each having a double valve air intake. The free flow exhaust valve makes collapsing this pool a breeze. Coming with a shelf box for easy storage this pool will likely last you many seasons to come.

Why we love it – Intex makes a summertime favorite with this pool. The inflatable green vinyl pool is deep enough to be enjoyed by your toddler as it will provide enough water to thoroughly cool them on hot summer days. The large capacity with the comfortable inflatable bottom will quickly become a go-to summer toy.

10. Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool by Intex


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This kid’s pool will fit perfectly in your backyard stretching 5 foot in diameter and standing 10 inches tall. This is the perfect height for your little one to enjoy some summer fun. No need to blow up this pool, simply unfold and fill with your hose. The soft shell is flexible and requires no time spent blowing up your pool. This also makes it more durable as it is not able to be popped. Coming in at less than 3 pounds, transporting and setting up this pool is virtually effortless. The lightweight design makes this an excellent portable swimming pools your kids will love. With a repair patch included this pool is bound to last you even longer.

Why we love it – With a fun beach themed design Intex made this pool a kid’s favorite. The Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool is a breeze to setup allowing you to effortlessly enjoy this summertime favorite. Standing only 10 inches high allows this pool to be safer for younger kids. The flexible plastic design is safer for kids providing a more stable and less slippery floor for your kids to walk and splash in. Recommended for kidlets 3 years of age and older this playful pool is bound to be a summertime favorite.

Choosing what’s best for you

Many baby pool reviews agree that a kid’s pool is the perfect way to escape the heat while making some quality family memories. Splashing in the water with your little one will quickly become a favorite summertime activity. Whether you choose to get an inflatable or hard plastic kid pool with slide there are many different options for you to choose from. Some even feature a sturdy enough frame that your furry friends can join you for some relief from the hot summer sun. There are many different types of pools that you can choose from but we are confident that no matter what you choose your family will be in for a great summer.

Do you have a Baby Pools on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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