When shopping for items for your newborn a play mat should be near the top. These are mats that have everything from tummy pillows to mirrors to chew toys to entertain your baby. They also double as protection from the hard ground.

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How To Choose A Baby Play Mat – Buying Guide

It is important that you get the best mat for your little one. The first few months are full of learning and growing potential and with the help of the best play mat your little one will get to work their brain and help keep them entertained. The best baby gym will have many features that you should consider before purchasing.


This is arguably the most important part of the play mat. Your child will spend all of their time either lying or crawling around on this mat. It should have enough padding to protect them if they fall over but not too much so that they are sinking into it.

Next you will have to decide if you like the top of the pad to have toys and texture. Nearly all of the top play mats will include a tummy pillow, mirror and chew toys. These will all entertain your baby and can add to their play time. One thing to consider is if the toys will be able to grow with your child. While they are teething it may be a good idea to have chew toys but as they grow out of that stage is the mat able to change as well?


This is the next critical part of the play structure. Many will have two arches that have loops designed for hanging toys. These should be spread out along the arch so that as your baby grows you can reposition the toys. This will encourage them to sit up and eventually stand to reach the toys.

The arches should also be able to be separated from the mat. This will turn a baby jungle gym into a regular mat which is extremely portable. You will be able to bring just the mat easily without having to haul around a large arch system. This feature can save you from having to buy a separate more portable mat.

Extra Features

Fancy play mats will have lights and sounds that are activated when your child moves around. This may seem annoying but it can speed up your child’s development. If they are encouraged to move around they can possibly start to stand and even walk faster.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing the right play mat for your baby can be a daunting task. You can get overwhelmed with the selection and information available. There are many factors that you should consider before purchasing one including the mat and if there are arches. By fully understanding these features your baby will not only be safe and entertained but their development can also be sped up. For example, a play mat with many loops for the toys will encourage them to sit up and even stand. All of the mats on our list are the leaders in their category and will make you and your baby happy.

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