10 Best Baby Oil in 2018


What Are The Best Baby Oil? – Let’s Review!

When you have a child, they are bound to have very sensitive skin that can become dry and irritated very easily. One solution is to use baby oil to give them a gentle massage

But how do you know which is the best baby oil for your child’s needs?

With our list of the 10 Best Baby Oil in 2018. we wanted to build a list of we thought were the ones you should buy.

If you decide that you want to get one, we want to be sure to give you a hand by offering some advice on what to look for on the market today.

Hopefully, with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can spend more quality time with your little one.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Baby Oil Reviews

1. Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics


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While many parents will swear by using the tried and true type of baby oil, there are some who have started looking at other oils for the benefits that they can offer their little one. With the Best Sweet Almond Oil from Sky Organics, the benefits of using almond oil deserve a second look from most parents.

Sourced directly from artisanal farmers, the sweet almond oil is 100% pure organic and is obtained by the pressing and grinding of seeds or fruits with the use of a granite millstone or stainless steel press. To help maintain its aroma and nutritional value, the oil is cold pressed at an even lower temperature.

Save for your little one’s sensitive skin, the almond oil has no additives or harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A or Hexane. Rich in antioxidants, as well as essential fatty acids, proteins as well as Vitamins A, B, D and E, the sweet almond oil can nourish every inch of your baby’s skin.

Why we love it –  A very light oil. the Best Sweet Almond Oil from Sky Organics can seep deeply into your little one’s skin quickly to hydrate, nourish and heal their skin. Because of all the benefits that can come from using almond oil, it is one of our top rated baby oils on our list.

2. Calendula Baby Oil by Weleda


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Many baby products on the market today use the Calendula flower in their products because of the healing benefits. What makes the Calendula Baby Oil from Weleda stand out from the rest isn’t the product itself, but the lengths that they go to to ensure that it is as natural as possible.

Certified natural by NATRUE as well as dermatologically tested to ensure that the oil is skin friendly, not only on your skin, but on your baby’s sensitive skin as well. With its formula free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants or mineral oils, the Baby Oil helps to keep moisture in while supporting your child’s delicate skin and leaving it soft and smooth.

What makes Weleda stand out from others isn’t that they use the Calendula flower in their product. It’s the fact that the flowers that go into their products are grown in their own farms and processed right next to where they are being grown. This sourcing of the flower from its own backyard makes it stand out in a crowd.

Why we love it – The Calendula flower can have a lot of benefits to help your skin feel nourished, soft and smooth. With the flowers in the Calendula Baby Oil from Weleda, your baby’s skin can feel soft, smooth and healthy.

3. Baby 100% Natural Baby Nourishing Oil by Burt’s Bees

Baby-100%-Natural-Baby-Nourishing-Oil-by-Burt’s-Bees Check Price Now

To help their children’s skin to feel nourish or to help relieve any dry skin that they may have, parents may look for different types of oils to offer as many benefits as possible. With the Baby 100% Natural Baby Nourishing Oil from Burt’s Bees, the inclusion of different oils can help you nourish their skin.

Pediatrician tested, the nourishing oil is made with apricot and grape seed oil to help their delicate skin get the nourishment it needs. Made without phthalates, parabens or petrolatum, you can add this oil to your baby’s bath or simply apply directly to their skin during a massage. To help keep their skin moisturized, the oil contains buttermilk and also contains beeswax to help lock in moisture, shea butter to help soften dry skin along with aloe vera and coconut oil to help soften and nurture their sensitive skin.

Why we love it – With its use of apricot and grape seed oils to help your child’s skin receive the nourishment it deserves and help to lock in that nourishment with the other natural ingredients included, the Baby 100% Natural Baby Nourishing Oil from Burt’s Bees is by far one of the best baby oils for dry skin, helping to heal and soothe their skin.

4. Moisturizing Oil by Cetaphil Baby

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When your child is born, their skin can be super sensitive and at times, dry out very quickly which is why it is important to keep it hydrated and moisturized. With the Moisturizing Oil from Cetaphil Baby, you can keep their skin hydrated and keep their skin soft and smooth.

With a hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested formula, the moisturizing oil protects your little one’s delicate skin from dryness by gently moisturizing it each time your use the oil. With calming organic calendula, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil as a part of the formulation, each works together to help soften and smooth their skin. Gentle enough for your infant’s skin, it is a paraben, colorant and mineral oil free product.

Why we love it – Keeping your child’s skin hydrated and soft are important things that need to be taken care of each and everyday to keep their skin from drying out. With the Moisturizing Oil from Cetaphil Baby, you can keep their skin soft and smooth and them as happy as can be.

5. Angel Baby Oil by Earth Mama Angel Baby

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Choosing a baby oil that is fragrance free can reduce the chances that your child skin will develop an irritation which is the exact opposite of what you’d like to happen when you give your baby a massage with baby oil. Luckily, the Angel Baby Oil from Earth Mama Angel Baby contains no fragrances so that you can use it without worry.

A grape seed oil blend,  the baby oil is infused with moisturizing Calendula and organic jojoba oil to help it absorb gently  into your little one’s skin. Never made with any nut oils, as well as virtually no scents, making it a great option for their sensitive little noses and perfect for gentle massages, cradle cap or even dry skin. Using this baby oil is considered to be such a safe option that NICU’s across the country use it to keep baby’s skin hydrated and soft. Toxin free and made without phthalates, parabens, Vitamin E, dyes or petroleum products, the Angel Baby Oil is Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Why we love it – Fragrances in your child’s baby oil can cause their skin to develop an irritation that could cause them pain and discomfort. As a parent, that is one of the last things you’d want for your child. With its non irritating formula, the Angel Baby Oil from Earth Mama Angel Baby provides your child with a high quality product that can help soften and soothe their skin.

6. Raw Shea Butter Baby Oil by SheaMoisture


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Shea Butter is a component that many manufacturers use in their products to help soothe and condition your child’s skin with each and every use. With the Raw Shea Butter Baby Oil by SheaMoisture, you can provide your little one with a moisturizing baby oil that can protect and soothe their sensitive skin.

By using certified organic shea butter in their baby oil’s formula, it can provide the tender care that your baby’s sensitive skin deserves. The rich fatty acids are blended into argan oil along with Vitamin E helps to stimulate their nervous system and helps to relax their little muscles and help them have a deep, restful sleep night after night. The organic shea butter that the oil uses is rich in stearic oil, oleic acids as well as Vitamins A & E which moisturizes, and can add a healthy glow to your child’s skin.

Why we love it – With ingredients that can provide your child’s skin with the protection and smoothness that it deserves, the Raw Shea Butter Baby Oil from SheaMoisture uses the benefits associated with Shea Butter to help your little one’s skin stay protected and soft all day long.

7. COCONUT BABY Organic Virgin Oil by Coconut Essentials


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It can be a very common occurrence that when a child is born, they are born with cradle cap. Though it is not contagious in the least bit, if its get to be too severe, it can start to itch and cause irritation and discomfort for your little one. Some parents, to help their child’s cradle cap make the decision to resort to an old remedy, coconut oil. With the COCONUT BABY Organic Virgin Oil from Coconut Essentials, you can use this old remedy to soothe their cradle cap and other ailments.

Designed to protect their skin naturally, the virgin oil moisturizes the skin with the use of virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and Sunflower Oil to help soothe and prevent red and dry skin as well as help soothe your child’s cradle cap and diaper rash. Perfect for sensitive skin, the virgin oil can provide relief to those who may have eczema or even psoriasis. The all natural formulation of the oi is safe for both babies and parents alike. While it is not specifically a hair product, with its ability to help ease cradle cap with your little one, this product could be considered a baby hair growth product.

Why we love it –.Coconut oil is an ingredient that has had numerous uses in families for generations. With its blend of coconut oil and other natural ingredients, the COCONUT BABY Organic Virgin Oil from Coconut Essentials is one of the best baby oils that we could recommend.

8. Baby Oil With Shea & Cocoa Butter by Johnson’s Baby


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Johnson’s Baby is one of the biggest names on the market for child health and beauty products. It is very likely that when you were a baby, your parents used their products with you. With their Baby Oil With Shea & Cocoa Butter, the manufacturer not only provides a quality baby oil, but one that can nourish your child’s skin.

Made from pure mineral oil with the addition of shea and cocoa butters, the baby oil is specifically formulated for your little one’s delicate and sensitive skin and can also work wonders on your own rough patches of skin. A great product for you and your little one to bond and for baby massages, the baby oil helps to protect and moisturize their skin each and every time your use it.

What we love it – With the addition of both shea and cocoa butters to their base baby oil formula, the Baby Oil With Shea & Cocoa Butter from Johnson’s Baby can easily and successfully protect and moisturize the skin and be a great massage oil. Because of this, we feel that this is the best baby massage oil on our list.

9. Organic Baby Oil by Elizabeth Parker Naturals


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Sensitive skin is a given when your child is born. Almost everything that they touch or that touches them could cause an irritation to their skin. Having a baby oil that is designed to help the sensitive skin of your little one and not cause more irritations is important. With the Organic Baby Oil from Elizabeth Parker Naturals, your baby’s sensitive skin can feel better as soon as possible.

By delivering intense moisture and nourishment to their skin, the baby can make it the softest and healthiest it has ever been. Dry, irritated skin is a real thing for a little one, with a formula that does not contain any junk, otherwise known as chemicals, fragrance, petrolatum or mineral oils, their skin can easily receive the soothing relief that it needs and remain completely hydrated. Created with only a handful of nature’s most potent ingredients, like calendula oil, apricot oil, and lavender oil,you can provide your child with a product that helps them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Why we love it – These isn’t much that we, as parents, can do to prevent our child’s skin from being sensitive once they have arrived in the world, but with the Organic Baby Oil from Elizabeth Parker Naturals, you can feel much better with their unique formulation knowing that it is doing what it needs to in order to protect them skin.

10. Baby Oil by Mountain Falls


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Sometimes, regardless of all of the hype surrounding what the new product is on the market and what it can do for you, the best choice for you may be to choose one that is as bare bones as possible. With the Baby Oil from Mountain Falls, its simple formulation can make it a suitable choice in any home.

Dermatologist and Pediatrician Tested, the hypoallergenic formula is designed to keep your little one’s skin silky smooth feeling last all day,  With no parabens, phthalates or Quaternium 15, you can rest easy knowing that their baby oil contains no harmful ingredients. By using it daily, you can help to seal the moisture on your child’s skin and also prevent dryness.

Why we love it  – With a basic formulation and extremely affordable price, the Baby Oil from Mountain Falls contains a base formulation that both you can your child can feel good about using each and every day.

How We Chose the Top Baby Oil in Our List

Choosing the best baby oil for you to use when your caring your child can be harder that it may seem. When it came time for us to create a list of the 10 Best Baby Oil in 2018, we wanted to ensure that when we started our baby oil reviews, that the criteria we used to pick our list was as comprehensive as possible so that you could know that we only recommended the very best. Our criteria included


Texture refers to the feeling that the oil can leave on your child’s skin. A heavy texture can leave your little one’s skin feeling oily while a light texture can be absorbed into the skin more easily and leave their skin feeling softer and more comfortable, and in some cases, help it feel cooler which can be very beneficial during the summer months.

Time of Year

Depending on the time of year that you are looking for baby oil, you may want to pay attention to certain types at certain times of year. If you are looking for a baby oil in the winter, many parents will choose to use a baby oil that contains either olive oil or almond oil as it can help to provide a protective layer to keep their skin warm. In the summer, coconut oil or sesame seed oil can be great options to use with you little one.


Many baby oil manufacturers have decided that in order to help relieve and irritation that your little one’s skin may go through, add different types of nutrients to help their delicate skin feel better and receive nourishment. Some examples include grape seed, calendula or apricot oils, to name a few.


At its core, baby oil is perfumed mineral oil. While many manufacturers have started adding other nutrients to their product, buying these types of baby oils should not be unaffordable. Finding a baby oil that is affordable and works to help nourish and soothe your child’s skin is something you should look out for, not one that may cost an arm and a leg.

Expiration Date

You wouldn’t think it, but baby oil can have an expiration date. Many manufacturers will let you know what the expiration date is for their product. If it’s not stamped on the bottle itself, you can easily check their website or reach out to them to find out. The last thing you may want to do is use an expired product on your child’s sensitive skin.

Benefits of baby oil

When it comes to buying a baby oil, many parents will only see the benefit that they can use the oil to help moisturize their child’s skin.. However, a good baby oil can have more benefits than simply being a great skin moisturizer. These benefits include

Sensitive Skin

Babies can be notorious for having sensitive skin, which can make using just any moisturizer on their skin problematic if they have a reaction to it. With baby oil, their skin can have a protective layer put on it by the baby oil that may keep other irritants from affecting their skin.


Massages have been shown to help your little one relax, fall asleep and stay asleep longer. When you use a baby oil as a massaging oil, it can give a warming feel that can help comfort them and help them drift off to slumberland much easier and quicker.

 Ear cleaning

Not really the first thing you may think of when thinking of the benefits that can come from baby oil, however, it can be a really good option to get that stubborn ear wax out of their ears. Just a little dab at the end of a cotton swab and the ear wax will stick making ear cleanings much easier for you and your child.

Sun Protection

During the summer, your little one’s skin can be the subject of many different harmful UV rays. With a combination of baby oil and sunscreen, you can help to protect your child’s skin from getting burned and having their fun day in the sun ruined.

Choosing what’s best for you

Finding the best baby oil for your child isn’t going to be as easy as simply  buying the first one you see when you go to the store. You will likely have many different things to consider first. With our list of the 10 Best Baby Oil  in 2018, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of a baby oil  before you left your house.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

Do you have a Baby Oil on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 26th of October 2017

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