When your little one comes home for the first time, it can be tough for them to get used to sleeping outside of mommy’s tummy. What may help things along is the noise machines that manufacturers have created to soothe an infant using a variety of calming nature and musical sounds until they fall asleep. Now, although having one of these can be great, how do you know what the best baby noise machine is for your little one?

To be able to answer this question with ease, we have gone out of our way to review the ten best baby noise machines in 2020. This extensive review will hopefully give you some ideas about the products that can make bedtimes less challenging for you and your baby.

If you are ready, let’s get started.


How To Choose A Baby Noise Machine – Buying Guide

Choosing the best noise machine for the nursery room can make a world of difference between a deep slumber that lasts all night and you or your little one being up all night. While compiling the list of the 10 Best Baby Noise Machines in 2020, therefore, we made sure that each one met a certain set of criteria that are unique to such products. This way, once you invest in one, you know that it will work perfectly. The determining factors to keep in mind are:

Power Source

Baby sound machines can be powered in a multitude of ways. Some can function after connecting them to a wall socket or USB plug adapter; others need batteries to work. 

The former is ideal for parents who want to save on electricity and are okay with seeing long cords in the child’s bedroom. If you are looking for a device that is more portable than that, then you can get a battery-powered machine. It may be more expensive than a corded unit in the long run, but it will still be useful even when the power goes out. If it’s any consolation, you may opt for rechargeable batteries instead of the disposable ones to reduce your expenses and carbon footprint.

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer is essentially a countdown clock inside the machine that moms and dads can set once the baby lays down during bedtime. If your child sleeps for eight hours, for instance, you can modify the timer so that the baby sound machine will produce white noise for that entire duration. In case you only want it to run until the baby dozes off, you may set it to turn off the sound after an hour or so. 

The thing is, parents can do all that with a manual timer. If the device has an automatic sleep timer, it will keep you from playing white noise continuously.


The ideal baby sound machines should come with remote control. This add-on can help the parents operate the device from a distance. Thus, they won’t need to enter the room and create noises that may disturb the child’s slumber. 


Having a noise machine that looks like a machine may get the job done, but might be aesthetically pleasing to your child or fit into their room. Manufacturers know this and have designed noise machines that are designed to look like a cuddly stuffed animal or can match their room decoration.

Sound Variety

The variety of sounds that a noise machine can generate depends on how the manufacturers have created them. Some of these familiar sounds include:

  • Heartbeat
  • Nursery melodies
  • Animal sounds
  • Ambient nature sounds
  • White noise

Benefits of Buying A Baby Noise Machine

Here are a few things that any parent should take into consideration when buying a noise machine:

SIDS Prevention

A 2008 study claimed that running a sound machine or fan while a baby sleeps could reduce their chances of dealing with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by up to 72%. While experts are not sure why it helps, they are convinced that it does.

Brain Activity

If a loud noise rings in a quiet room, it can excite the child’s brain and wake them up. The constant noise from a noise machine, however, can keep that from happening since the white noise allows their mind to stay active even when they are asleep.

Noise Blocking

It’s safe to say that the nursery room is not the most soundproof part of the house. Despite that, turning on a noise machine can mask the sound of cars driving by or the clang of pots and pans being put away in the kitchen.


Q: Are sound machines OK for babies?

A: Yes, sound machines are OK for babies. Such devices can encourage them to fall asleep fast. However, you need to keep the noise machine at a safe distance from their bed so that the sound won’t affect the infants’ sense of hearing.

Q: Are sleep machines good for babies?

A: Yes, sleep machines are good for babies. It allows them to feel as if they are still in the mother’s womb; that’s why their anxiety level goes down. Once the latter happens, the babies can fall asleep readily.

Q: Are Sound Machines bad for babies’ ears?

A: No, sound machines are not necessarily bad for babies’ ears. That is especially true if parents set their decibel level at a minimum. However, Canadian researchers gathered that constant usage of noise machines might cause hearing loss and speech impediments to infants.

Q: What’s too loud for a baby?

A: Noise level that exceeds 85 decibels is too loud for a baby. You can typically reach this level when you turn up the white noise machine’s volume to level three or more. To prevent babies from dealing with noise-induced hearing loss, turn down the sounds at the lowest volume and move the machine away from the crib.

Q: What is the best sound to sleep to?

A: Pink noise is the best sound for babies and adults alike. It combines low- and high-frequency sounds, so it is more natural than white noise.

Q: What is black noise?

A: Black noise means silence. There may be tiny sounds associated with it, but their audibility is minimal, almost non-existent.

My Babies Planet Overview

Creating a comfortable sleep environment for your little one is very crucial, and a noise sound machine can help you do that. While there are many options for you to consider before buying a noise machine, the choice will likely come down to personal preferences.

Our only hope is for you to consult the 10 Best Baby Noise Machines above to get a realistic idea of what to look for in a noise machine.

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