Since a lot of kids are afraid of the dark, it can be challenging to put them to bed at night. Even if they agree to lay down, it may take hours before they can fall asleep. This situation takes a toll not only on the children but also on the parents who need to stay awake until the little ones doze off. Because of that, moms and dads typically want to put dim lights in their kids’ rooms in hopes of changing things for the better. But when you start looking for a night light to help them sleep, how do you know what the best one for your child is?

To help you find the right answer to this question, we have compiled the 10 Best Baby Night Lights in 2020 below. This list should be able to offer you extensive information about some options that are currently available in the market. We hope that our recommendations can make it less stress-free for you to choose a night light that will help you and your child to sleep through the night.

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How To Choose A Baby Night Light – Buying Guide

Choosing a night light for your little one is not the most straightforward task in the world. You see, it comes with a lot of features that you need to consider; the first or most expensive product that catches your eyes is not always the best one. Before we started compiling our list, therefore, we made sure to have a specific set of criteria to get back to whenever necessary. This way, every item recommended above can surely be ideal for you and your kids. Some of these factors include:

Power Outlet Location

Before you go out to look for a night light, inspect your child’s room to know how close the power outlets are to their bed. The idea is that you want a lamp that can be placed at a proper distance from them. If you plug a night light into an outlet that’s too far away, the light may be too dim. If it’s too close, it may be too bright for them. 

Considering using an extension socket or light with a long cord is not an option, you may want to buy a portable night light instead. It can be rechargeable or battery-operated, so it does not matter if the power outlet is not near the bed.


Choosing the right bulb color for the night light is necessary to ensure that it won’t keep your baby up at night. After all, the wrong color can prevent them–and, in the process, you–from falling asleep.

While many people would believe that the blue color can soothe their little one and coax them to go into a deep slumber, the opposite is true. This color can prevent your child from producing enough melatonin, which is vital to ensure a lengthy rest at night. Instead of dulling the infant’s senses, the blue light even acts as a stimulant and increases their attention and reaction times. 

The best color that can your little one to fall asleep is either red or orange. It is not surprising, considering that such colors are often related to sunsets. Finding a night light that can project a red or orange light, therefore, can help them fall to sleep more comfortably.


A timer can be a handy feature to have on your little one’s night light. Some parents need a timer so that the light will not remain on all night long. In case the infant does not require multiple feedings after bedtime, this feature also entails that mom or dad won’t have to get up to turn it off themselves. This can help them save money, electricity, and effort.


Night lights are designed to provide gentle illumination in a child’s bedroom. It is not meant to be as bright as the sun. If the latter takes place, your little one may not be able to sleep throughout the night and disrupt your own slumber. 

An easy way to determine if the night light offers the right amount of brightness is by turning it on and placing your head where your child’s head is supposed to be. Close your eyes for a few minutes and turn towards the night light. If you can vividly see the light even when your eyes are not open, it indicates that the night lamp will be too bright for your kid. Thus, you need to get a dimmer light than what you already have.

Bulb Type 

The type of bulb that your child’s night light uses is critical in making sure that they can fall asleep when they are supposed to and that it won’t be too expensive for the parents. You see, the bulbs in some night lights are replaceable, and it helps you to avoid spending too much on it. Other products come with built-in bulbs, which you may not be able to change once it goes out.

The type of bulb can also determine how hot it will get. An LED bulb, for instance, does not get too hot, so the baby may not feel the heat emanating from it. A halogen light, meanwhile, produces too much heat and can cause the child to sweat. If the latter is your only option, you should move the night light away from your baby’s face.


A lot of modern night lights come equipped with a built-in sensor that can turn the light on automatically when the room turns dark. Others have a motion sensor that will power up when you walk past it. Although both features are unique additions that make the night light easy to use, they do not necessarily affect the color of light that the lamp gives off. 

Extra Features

With a lot of newer night lights, manufacturers have added features to make their products more distinguishable than others. While they do not make or break a high-quality night light, some parents may find that they add a bit of convenience to helping their child sleep. These features include:

  • Thermometers that tell you the temperature of the room; 
  • Built-in music or white noise machines to soothe babies;
  • Light bulbs that change color;
  • Motion sensors that turn the light on when someone walks in the room; and
  • Handles that can let your little one carry their night light around.


Q: What color night light is best for babies?

A: Red is the best color night light for babies. It can stimulate the production of melatonin in the baby’s body. This brain chemical allows them to sleep at night without waking up too much.

Q: Do babies need a light on at night?

A: Yes, babies need a light on at night. The dimness of the light has a soothing effect on infants, thus helping them to sleep long and fast.

Q: Are Night Lights bad for babies?

A: No, nightlights are not bad for babies. It is honestly more beneficial than regular lights because they are not as bright as the latter. When the baby needs to be fed at night, therefore, the brightness will not wake them up further.

Q: Do red lights help babies sleep?

A: Yes, red lights help babies to fall asleep. The light boosts melatonin production, which is essential for babies to sleep quickly.

Q: Do babies sleep better in a dark room?

A: Yes, babies sleep better in a dark room. There is not much light that makes the other things in the place too visible.

Q: Does red LED light help sleep?

A: Yes, the red LED light helps induce sleep.

Q: Are Blue Night Lights bad?

A: Yes, blue night lights are harmful as they reduce melatonin production. If you want the babies to fall asleep better, get a red light for them.

Q: Is yellow light good for sleep?

A: No, yellow light is not suitable for sleep. It even has a worse effect than blue light because it resembles natural light more.

Q: What are the benefits of using a baby night light?

A: Here are the benefits of using a baby night light:

  • Comfortability – Babies get scared in the dark easily, especially when they are in their crib. A nightlight can help comfort them by illuminating the room as they try to fall asleep.
  • Enough Light – When a baby cries at 3 AM, parents typically walk with their eyes half-open. If you cannot see the toys or other items on the floor, you may step on them and get hurt. But with a night light turned on, you won’t step on tiny toys in the middle of the room on accident.
  • Less Electricity Usage – Night lights consume less electricity than regular lights in the hallway. Using one instead of switching on the light bulb in the nursery room can save you from spending so much money on electric bills.
  • Sleep Induction – The dim light that nightlights produce can induce sleep. It works not only for the babies but also for the parents. Once the infant dozes off, therefore, it won’t take long before mom or dad falls asleep, too.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing a night light requires parents to consider more things than the design or color of the product’s body. While selecting the best lamp for your child may take some time, there is rarely a wrong choice once you know the light color you need. 

We can only hope that the list of the 10 Best Baby Night Lights above can give you an idea of what to look for before you go to the store.

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