Have you ever wondered why your baby scratches herself so much? It is because she doesn’t have control over her legs and arms until about six weeks old. That’s when as new parents; we face the first trimming challenge! 

In contrast to how soft their skin looks, babies surprisingly have ragged and sharp nails. When combined with uncoordinated movements, they become a threat to themselves as well as you. As their metabolism works incredibly fast, their nails need trimming pretty often. This means you need to become an expert cutting the smallest nails you’ve ever seen in no time!

It is entirely normal to feel a little bit uneasy when you have to trim your baby’s little nails for the first time. Thankfully, the process will get easier as we have compiled a list of the Best Baby Nail Clippers in 2020 on the market nowadays. 

Hopefully, with our recommendations, we can make the process of cutting your baby’s nails and much easier and less stressful for you. 


How To Choose A Baby Nail Clipper – Buying Guide

While preparing our buying guide, we looked at certain criteria in order to make sure that the products we are recommending live up to the best standards that many parents might have for their child’s needs. 

Nail Files or Emery Board

Some of the best infant nail clippers can come with nail files, a nail snail, or emery boards. These can be important accessories to look for when you are choosing the best product for your child. They can do a good job of helping to smooth or grind down your child’s clipped nails while also smooth the sharp edges. If your child is a newborn, nail files can be used instead of clippers for grinding down. We recommend you to be careful not to overdo it, though.

Precision Helpers

Cutting your little baby’s nails can be different than cutting your own. It is very important that you quickly learn to become as accurate and precise as possible to avoid cutting their nail or toe skin, causing their finger or toe to bleed. A good pair of baby nail clippers will give you some assistance with precision helpers such as LED lights, spy holes, or magnifying glasses. 


When you are using a pair of baby nail clippers, one of the ways to significantly reduce the chances of an accident is to have a pair of nail clippers with a good grip on them. With a good grip, you can hold it firmly and you can trim the nails of your baby much easier, especially if they tend to move around a lot. If you choose to use scissors, make sure that they have well-balanced handles with a good grip as well.

Shape & Size

The size and shape of the baby nail clippers that you choose for your child can affect your ability to give them a precise nail trimming. While scissors are better than baby nail clippers when it comes to the ease of use and convenience based on their shape and size, they can offer you better focus and clarity while cutting.

A good nail clipper for your baby on the other hand also depends on the design. Some designs are too big and bulky and might hinder you from effectively seeing where you are cutting.


While shopping, you won’t be spending an extraordinary amount of money on a quality nail clipper. On the flip side of that, you likely won’t be spending a dollar either. Finding the product that not only fits your budget but also has the best features to help you cut your child’s nails safely and accurately is the right product to look out for.

Benefits of Baby Nail Clippers

A good baby nail trimmer has more benefits than simply clipping. These benefits include:

Good Hygiene

Clipping your little baby’s nails can teach them the importance of hygiene. In this way, they will avoid the chances of getting a fungal infection or hangnail.


When your child is little, their tiny hands will want to explore everything around them. That naturally includes their own and others’ faces. With longer nails, your baby, through no fault of their own will likely scratch and leaves mark on yours, others, or even their own skin. Cutting their nails helps to keep any visible scratch marks at a minimum.

Good Habit Forming 

Teaching your children the right habits while growing up is an important step in their growth. By teaching the importance of taking care of their nails and keeping them clean and trimmed, you can help instill good habits in them that will last a lifetime.

Type of Baby Nail Clippers 

There are four main types of toe and fingernail clippers.  The most popular kind is the leveler type. There are also nippers, scissors, and guillotine clippers as well as electric ones. Below you can find out more details about each type. 


This type looks like something your dentist could use to pull out your tooth! These kinds of clippers are good for ingrown toenails or the ones that have hardened. They can be a little tricky to use and you should be careful not to cut off too much. You should use them to cut the whole nail unless you are a professional manicurist. These nippers are more appropriate to use for the sharp edges that other clippers are not able to reach.


Leveler baby nail clippers are very popular as they can be used on all different kinds of nails. The ones made of steel are much better as they are stronger and last longer.  If you want more rounded nail especially for your fingers, make sure you buy a pair with a more rounded edge instead of a flat one. These clippers usually have a level that locks into place. You can twist the lever to use and then close again after you have finished. 

Baby Nail Scissors

Baby nail scissors and they are a better option for fingernails providing small cuts and also giving you more control. Whereas levelers are more popular as they are good for a final finish and can also help if your nail is starting to become ingrown. There are also scissors that can cut straight or ones with curved edges for a more rounded finish. On the other hand, scissors are not good on stronger tougher nails; and therefore not recommended to use on toenails.

Guillotine Clippers

These are probably the most well known if you have a pet cat or dog, but yes you can also buy a human version.  They are very easy to use and also useful if you are not too sure how to cut correctly. They may not create the shape you want but they do the job. Don’t use human guillotine nail clippers on animals and vice versa.

Electronic Baby Nail Clippers

These small machines are handy to carry around and also good for filing. Used for both fingernails and toenails, these machines seem useful if you don’t want to use a standard emery board.


Q: Can you use regular nail clippers on babies?

A: You should never use adult clippers on a baby. Babies’ precious fingers and toes are much smaller as well as their nails. 

With adult-sized clippers, you could accidentally cut your babies toes or fingers, not just the nail. So even if you think that you can judge the length, we don’t recommend using it on your child.

Q: What age can you cut a baby’s nails?

A: They can need trimming a few days even after they are born. 

The first nails are very soft but can they become very sharp, so your baby can scratch him or herself. Therefore, make sure they are at a short length at all times.

Q: Do you really need baby nail clippers?

A: Yes, these products are a necessity as they are specifically designed for small fingers of the babies in order to cut them safely and without hurting them. 

Babies’ nails grow very quickly and can become short quite sharp. In order to prevent them from hurting themselves or you although not intentionally, they need to be trimmed and clipped on a frequent basis.

Q: How do I cut my newborn’s nails?

A: Here are some tips you can use: 

  • In order to see well, make sure you have enough light
  • You can ask help from your partner as he holds your baby 
  • Press your baby’s finger pad away from her nail not to cut her skin
  • In order to prevent ingrown nails, trim her toenails straight across 
  • You can sing or talk calmly during the process
  • If she is a bit older, your partner can distract her with a toy
  • Try to involve her by telling her about the process
  • Praise your baby when you are done 
  • Make sure your baby is in a content state of mind or asleep before the process

Q: Should babies sleep with mittens on?

A: As newborns tend to scratch their faces, soft mittens come to handy. Some parents prefer to use it while some do not. If you decide to use mittens, make sure that they are in the right size. 

Q: Should nails be cut straight or curved?

A: The right answer is straight across rather than a rounded shape. By cutting this way, you make sure that the corners are not cut back to short and you avoid toenails.

Q: How to clean baby nail clippers?

A: As your baby’s immunity is not fully developed and that her body is most sensitive, it is very important to disinfect them. We recommend using a durable stainless steel model. You can blow against the cutting surface in order to remove nail pieces. After that, you can use a cotton pad to get rid of dirt. Make sure it does not leave wet. 

Q: Should I choose clippers or baby nail scissors?

A: Baby nail scissors are specially designed to prevent deep cuts. If you are not confident that you can adjust the depth of your cut, go with the scissors. If you are not concerned, you can use clippers. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Now that you are almost an expert on clippers, you can choose a product that suits you the best and make your trimming experience both fun and safe. It is now time to enjoy your little precious baby’s soft and tender touch on your cheeks!

We hope with our list of the 10 Best Baby Nail Clippers in 2020, we have helped you with your decision to buy the best product for your precious child. Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference. 

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