When you have a baby, there are a lot of things that you will need to buy for your bundle of joy who will be here before you know it. Buying a baby monitor can be a great way to keep an eye on your baby while they sleep in their crib for the night, or just for a nap in the afternoon.

But, as you start to shop around for one to put into your nursery, it can be a little confusing and more than a bit discouraging and you start asking yourself what is the best baby monitor out there.

Between the all the options that different monitors offer and the different price points, picking the best baby video monitor can be a difficult task.

To help you with this decision, we wanted to help make this as pain free as possible for you.

With our list of the 10 Best Baby Video Monitors for 2019, we’re hopeful we can help.

Ready? Let’s get started.


How To Choose A Baby Monitor – Buying Guide

When we set out to compile a list of the 10 best baby monitors for 2019, we wanted to be sure that the information we were giving you was able to give you enough quality information to help you decide what is the best baby monitor for your nursery. But how did we take all of the available monitors out there and narrow it down to 10? Here’s the criteria we used to make our list:


When we looked at all of the baby monitors on the market, many of them offered a wide array of different features. From the beginning, we wanted to pick monitors with features that would be important to you while using the device to watch over your little one. With this in mind, we selected monitors that helped you do that as best as possible.

Ease of set up

We are not all technical geniuses and when we looked at what was out there, we wanted to make our selection with that in mind. You may not be a technical whiz kid either and we wanted to show you the best options that you wouldn’t need someone from tech support to come to your house and set up.


With a baby on the way, every dollar that you will spend for your baby is likely to be thought about over and over again before you ever spend it. We wanted to present you with a range of price options to cover any budget you may have. While there are some higher priced options in our list, we also wanted to showcase some of the lesser priced, but still excellent options for your baby nursery.


Even though we went through and selected our 10 best baby monitors based on features, ease of set up and price, a big part of our list is you. More specifically, what other parents who have used the products on our list thought about the product. Their stories, pros, cons and other insights helped us provide a better well rounded list than just using the other criteria.

Benefits of a Baby Monitor

Owning a baby monitor can have many benefits for you and your spouse. With a baby in the house, a baby monitor set up lets you get other tasks around the house done, or even take a break while the baby is sleeping in another room, but not being too far away to attend to the baby if they cry. Because of this flexibility, we consider owning a baby monitor a must have for any house

Let Your Baby Sleep

Believe it or not, your baby will go to sleep. But when they do, it’s likely you will want to leave the room to get some other stuff done around the house. Obviously, you want to keep an eye on them to make sure that they get all the sleep they need without any problems. A lot of the better baby monitors will have many features that you can use to help ensure your baby has lots of uninterrupted sleep from temperature checks, night vision to a pannable camera to check around the room as well. Knowing that they are safe and comfortable from another room is a great feature of any baby monitor.

Watch them while you’re outside

There are times when you have to step outside your house, even for a second to get the mail, or talk to a neighbor passing by. Having a baby monitor can help put you at ease of worrying about stepping outside for a minute by allowing you to hear and see what your baby is doing and if there is an issue, you can head back in right away.

Monitor your baby’s health

Having a way to look in on your baby has more benefits than just giving you an opportunity to look in on them while they sleep, it can also help to help keep your baby healthy as well. If they are not feeling well, checking the baby monitor can clue you in to if the problem is caused by something in the crib and allow you to take the appropriate action.

Keep Your Baby Safe

As your baby grows and gets older, your baby will learn how to stand and they may start trying to climb out of their crib at night. Having a baby monitor can help you protect them from objects hurting them or them hurting themselves if they do try to climb out at night. A baby monitor can also make a wonderful nanny cam so you can check to see how the nanny is doing with your child while you’re away.

Get Some Rest

While owning a baby monitor is a must have for your baby’s nursery and can have many benefits in their well-being. They can have a benefit for your well-being as well. After your baby is born, sleep will be at a premium, to say the least. While a baby monitor, no matter how sophisticated, can take care of your child for you, it can be a very vital tool for you. By giving you a way to look in and also listen to your baby, you can determine if they are need of you coming to their aid or is they are simply self-soothing.

Being able to tell the difference between the two, just by looking at the baby monitor screen is important, for their growth and for you. As a new parent, you need your rest just as much as they do. Learning your baby’s cues as to when they need you to come in right away and when they don’t is something that will be a benefit to you both.

Nanny Cam

With all of the benefits that having a baby monitor in the house to help you keep an eye on your child while they sleep, a baby monitor can also be an effective nanny cam. You’re always going to be protective of your child. You want to be sure that whomever you trust to help raise your child is doing a good job. Having the right baby monitor will let you check in when you’re not there or review the day’s events by watching a recording of events.

Understanding the Baby Monitor Controversy

For some parents, when you lay your child down, with only the camera and microphone to keep track of what they’re doing, there may be some fears that will worry you. What if they stop breathing? How will I be alerted?

These can be very valid fears and while there are some baby monitors on the market that you can set up to alert you if your baby stops moving, which can be an appealing feature to those new parents who have particular fears regarding SIDS, otherwise known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which can be prevalent in babies for up to the first 6 months of their lives..

However, there is some controversy regarding the use of these monitors. There is no study on record that provides evidence that by using these types of monitors will not reduce the risk of SIDS or another sleep-related type infant death.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics and National Institute of Health have formally denounced the use of these types of monitors to reduce the risk of SIDS, stating that there is no clinical data to support that these work.

The AAP and NIH have published a set of techniques that have been proven to help reduce the risk of SIDS or any other sleep-related infant death. Knowing and learning these techniques should be something that every parent knows in order to avoid a possible horrible incident with their child.

My Babies Planet Overview

When it comes to the safety of your child, choosing the best option to take care of them is one of the best things that you can do.

However, choosing the best baby video monitor can be a lot like choosing a car. Some may have a higher price and offer more technological features, while there are some that might have a lower price and less options.

Regardless of the price, the ease to set it up or the features that they come with, whichever one you choose, it’s important to remember to choose one that will last your for years to come, as you will likely be using this during their newborn and toddler years.

We hope that our list of the 10 best baby monitors for 2019 gave you some insight into the options that are out there to help you decide what the best video baby monitor is for your nursery.

Choosing the best baby video monitor for you and your baby is an essential piece of equipment that every parent should consider owning. The right choice can help your baby, and you, relax and enjoy your moments together.

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