10 Best Baby Mattresses in 2018


What Are The Best Baby Mattresses? – Let’s Review!

When your child first comes home, they may spend a lot of time sleeping in their bassinet initially. But, at some point, they will start to sleep in their crib and having a comfortable mattress can help them sleep through the night. But how do you know what the best baby mattresses out there are?

With that thought in mind, we went shopping for you and built a list of our 10 Best Baby Mattresses in 2018 to give you some ideas of the options out there to help your little one have a great night’s sleep.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you and your child can drift off the dreamland.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Baby Mattresses Reviews

1. Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Baby Crib Mattress by My First Mattress


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To some parents, the option to use a memory foam mattress to help their little one drift off to sleep is preferable to other traditional mattress types. With the Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Baby Crib Mattress from My First Mattress, parents can feel good knowing that their child is resting on a very comfortable mattress.

Made without the use of harmful chemicals that could affect your child’s skin, the Memory Foam mattress come with a removable waterproof cover that is soft on their sensitive skin. The cover is machine washable and helps prevent mold and other bacterial growth. Meeting CPSC standards, the foam mattress is a comfortable, hypoallergenic, mite-proof and anti-bacterial option for your child.

Why we love it – For parents looking for a comfortable mattress for their child, but would rather spend their money on a mattress that “hugs” their child’s body as the sleep, cannot go wrong with the Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Baby Crib Mattress from My First Mattress. It is easily one of our top rated baby mattresses.

2. Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress by Sealy


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Many parents have concerns when it comes to the materials that are being used in their child’s mattress. They don’t want harmful chemicals or residues to touch their sensitive skin and cause an allergic reaction or irritation. With the Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress from Sealy, parents can rest easy knowing that their child’s mattress is made with renewable materials

Made from a soy-based foam-core that helps to improve the durability when compared to other traditional crib mattresses by using more renewable resources and less crude oils to manufacture the mattress. With its lightweight design, the Foam-Core mattress makes changing your little one’s bedding easy and helps to keep the bed dry with its waterproof, reinforced cover to help keep your little one’s bed dry throughout the night.

Why we love it – The Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress from Sealy, being made with renewable materials has helped it earn a CertiPUR-US approval of the foam being used for its durability and air quality. By offering parents a high quality mattress, Sealy has made purchasing this for your child a no-brainer.

3. Spring Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress by Dream On Me

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When shopping for a mattress, finding one with exquisite quality that is also safe for your baby to lay down on can be a hard combination to find. However. the Spring Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress from Dream On Me can be the best combination of both, offering your little one a high quality mattress that is also safe for them to use night after night.

A lightweight mattress, the Spring uses 80 interwoven coils, tempered by heat to offer your little one a firm foundation and excellent support. To increase the support, the mattress include a 6-gauge steel border around the perimeter of the mattress. With two hypoallergenic layer, the waterproof lock stitch binding helps to prevent mold, mildew and odor from seeping into the mattress, while the airflow pocket helps to keep the mattress fresh without having to use small metal vents on the side of the mattress.

Why we love it – The perfect mattress for a lot of parents is a combination of comfort and support. With the Spring Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress from Dream On Me, your baby will sleep comfortably every night.

4. Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress by Safety 1st

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Pleasant dreams for their child is every parent’s dream. Laying your child down on a supportive mattress can help make that a reality. With the Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress from Safety 1st, when you lay your child down to sleep, they will drift off to slumberland much quicker that with other mattresses.

Made from a thermo-bonded, high density core designed to provide more support to your little one. With its lightweight construction and durability, the Heavenly Dreams is built to be used for a long time, throughout your baby’s development. Included with the mattress is a vinyl cover that is easily wiped clean and is water resistant and has achieved UL’s Greenguard Gold certification ensuring that it meets low chemical emissions standards to give your child a safe sleeping environment.

Why we love it – You want your little one to have sweet and pleasant dreams while they sleep. With the Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress from Safety 1st, the sturdy construction and long-lasting durability, your child will be able to sleep in comfort for years to come.

5. Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress by Milliard

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There is no better sound in the world than that of a sleeping baby. Being able to give your little one a comfortable space of their own to sleep soundly is what every parent wants. With the construction behind the Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress from Milliard, your child will have many sleep filled nights.

Made from a soft, sturdy form that won’t flatten over time, but still provide your little one with the safe comfort you are looking for. With a feeling of being cradled and fully supported, the foam, which can mimic a mother’s womb can give a child the best sleep they’ll have. Encased in a waterproof cover that is also hypoallergenic, the cover keeps allergens that are not wanted from seeping into the mattress with its non-porous surface. Cleanin up after your child in a pinch is easy as the cover wipes clean.

Why we love it – The Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress from Milliard is designed to be a mattress firm enough to help prevent SIDS, and also keep them completely comfortable so parents can have a restful night of their own.

6. Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress by Moonlight Slumber


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When parents start to buy things for their new baby’s nursery, the cost of many things can start to add up quick, so finding any way to save money can make something a lot more likely to be bought. Case in point, the Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress from Moonlight Slumber can help parents save money with its two-sided design.

Made from medical-grade fabrics that are not only a waterproof, durable stretch fabric mattress, but can provide excellent comfort to your child while they sleep. The mattress is certified to be toxic chemicals free and has a low VOC score due to it low impact on indoor quality. The Little Dreamer best feature is its dual side sleep system. A two-stage mattress, the extra firm side can be used with your infant, while the plush side can be used once they are a little older and a toddler.

Why we love it – Finding any way to save money while still providing your little one with the comfort and support they need can be difficult. With the Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress from Moonlight Slumber, parents can have both with its two-sided mattress to help a children get a good night sleep for a long time.

7. Transitions Baby and Toddler Mattress by Safety 1st


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Mattresses for your little one can be expensive. As they grow from an infant to a toddler, in many cases, the mattress will need to be replaced. However, with the Transitions Baby and Toddler Mattress from Safety 1st, parents can save money without skimping on comfort.

Featuring two different levels of firmness, the Transitions mattress can provide the perfect amount of support for your child. One side is designed to be used when they are an infant and once they are a toddle, the mattress can be turned over, and has an additional cushioning layer to provide your toddler with added comfort. The Transitions mattress has also achieved a Greenguard Gold certification ensuring that your child’s mattress meets UL’s high standards of quality.

Why we love it – Lightweight and durable, the Transitions Baby and Toddler Mattress from Safety 1st can provide a comfortable mattress for not only your infant, but a toddler to sleep soundly through the night.

8. Wovenaire Crib Mattress by Newton


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When your child sleeps, if their mattress isn’t very breathable, it can cause it to hold onto their body heat, which could cause them to not have a good night’s sleep, which could lead to you not having a good night’s sleep. With the design of the Wovenaire Crib Mattress from Newton, having a good night’s sleep won’t ever be an issue.

While the core is made from a food grade polymer, the 3-D cloud cover is made from 100% polyester. The cover is machine washable, helping to prevent bacterial growth and lets you easily clean any accidents that may happen during the night. The design of the core helps to make the mattress completely breathable with its airy texture that babies can breathe right through it, keeping them safe during the night, as babies are prone to rolling over.

What we love it – The Wovenaire Crib Mattress from Newton provides your little one with a completely breathable mattress that can help keep them comfortable as an infant and as a toddler as the Wovenaire is a two-sided mattress that will help keep the comfort going for a long time.

9. Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress by Kolcraft


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A firm mattress can help provide your child an excellent sleeping surface to use as their first bed after they come home. With the Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress from Kolcraft, its construction can provide your little one with an excellent resting place.

The intercoil mattress is made with 150 gauge steel coils to provide your little one with a firm sleeping surface. A wrap around cover with a lock-stitched waterproof binding helps the mattress resist staining, mildew and moisture and helps make cleaning the mattress easy with the use of a damp cloth. To provide your child with a cushioned and secure sleeping space a think hypoallergenic layer is added to the mattress, ensuring they will sleep in total comfort.

Why we love it –The Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress from Kolcraft provides your child with a firm and supportive mattress for them to get a good night’s sleep. With the backing from a manufacturer that has been making mattresses since 1946, you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product.

10. Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib mattress by Colgate


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Choosing a mattress that meets all the criteria that you may have can be tough. Especially if you’re looking for an eco-friendly mattress that can help your little one sleep through the night. Thankfully, the Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib mattress from Colgate is both of those things in one package.

With an Eco-foam core that is made with plant oils, while the cover is made from certified organic cotton. The lightweight design helps to make sheet changes much easier, which can be helpful in the middle of the night. With its multi-layered dual firmness design, the Eco Classica III is a two-sided mattress that can not only provide comfort to your infant, but your toddler as well, increasing its value.

Why we love it  – With CertiPUR certified safe foam core, the Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib mattress from Colgate has achieved Greenguard Gold certification status for no harmful emissions ensuring that your little one is resting on a high quality, soft mattress.

How We Chose the Top Baby Mattresses in Our List

When it’s time to choose a mattress for your little one’s crib, making sure that the features that it has meets whatever criteria you feel is important. With that in mind, we wanted to be sure that the mattresses we recommend meet our high level of criteria so that you know that they are the best Baby Mattresses on the market. Our criteria included:


When you pick a mattress, it needs to fit snugly inside the crib without any spaces between the mattress and crib frame. If there is a space, it could become a safety hazard where your little one could get trapped or suffocate. The federal government standardizes the size of both crib and crib mattresses, however due to minor variations, not every mattress will fit into every crib perfectly.


A firmer crib mattress is better for your little one. While it may feel too hard and stiff for you, your child will adjust to the firmness. A good way to test the firmness is to press on the center and the edges of the mattress. It should snap back easily and not conform to your hand.


Normally, density isn’t listed on the packaging for the mattress. You want a mattress with a high density, making the mattress firm enough to keep your little one safe while they sleep. On a foam mattress, the weight of the mattress can be a good sign of the density. With innerspring mattresses, the gauge of the wire being used on the springs is a good way to determine density, You will want to look for lower numbers as a lower number means the wire will be stronger and the mattress will be firmer.


Resiliency relates to how well a mattress retains it’s shape. With a foam mattress, faster is better. Your sleeping little one can make an impression on the foam and it can be difficult for them to change positions in bed if the mattress retains it shape. Many foam mattresses may be labeled as “2-stage” or “dual firmness”, these have a firm side for infants and a softer side for toddlers.


Breathability is a major thing when it comes to your little one’s mattress. To help, manufacturers have built in small holes in the sides of the mattress to help air flow in and out. These will help the mattress smell better over time if there are plenty of vent holes to let out odors. Your child’s diapers can leak, so a mattress that doesn’t smell is very important.

Benefits of a baby mattress

A crib mattress can offer your little one a lot of different benefits. When it comes time to choose one, knowing what kinds of benefits a mattress for their crib can offer, can make choosing one that much easier. These benefits include:


The main function of a baby’s crib mattress is to give them a comfortable place for them to sleep at the end of a long day or while they take a nap. A mattress provides them with this space to help them rest and get the very important sleep that their little bodies need.


Many baby cribs these days are more than just a crib for your little one. They are designed to be convertible from a crib all the way to their first big kid bed once they are a toddler. Having a mattress that can make this journey as well is very beneficial and those that can are usually designed as a two sided mattress. One side for your baby and the other for when they get to be a toddler.


Many mattress manufacturers have started to create mattresses that use more environmentally friendly materials. This can be beneficial to your little one because that can keep what may be some harmful chemicals or materials used in the making of the mattress off their skin and reduce the risk of an irritation or allergic reaction.


In any market, there will inevitably be some products that are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. This is no different with baby mattresses. While there can be some higher priced options out there, a good mattress can be found from anywhere between $100 and $200.

Different types of Baby Mattresses

Like many other products on the market, baby mattresses can come in a wide array of options. When shopping for the best mattress for your little one, knowing the differences can be very valuable before you spend any money. These types include:


A foam mattress is the cheapest and most basic mattress option for your little one. Made of lightweight foam, this can be a great choice if you have a portable crib that you fold up when not in use. The materials that are used to make a foam mattress can range from polyurethane, bamboo fiber or latex to help make up its composition.

Foam mattresses can come in different densities with varying levels of firmness. A firmer and denser mattress can be a much safer option for your little one. The thickness of a foam mattress can fall between 3 and 6 inches.


Otherwise known as a coil spring mattress, these get their name from the construction of the mattress core made from coiled steel springs. Because of the materials used, these can be much heavier than other types of mattresses to move around.

Be sure to avoid cheaper coil spring mattresses. While the manufacturer may tout them as a high quality mattress, these can squeak with every movement, no matter how small your little one makes.This can not only keep your child up all night, but also keep you up with the crib squeaking all night.


A lot of parents don’t like the idea of their child laying on a mattress that could have been treated or manufactured using harsh chemicals which could cause their sensitive skin to get irritated or an allergy to develop.

For these parents, companies have started using more natural ingredients in their mattresses to give children a soft, comfortable mattress to lay on using only natural materials and fibers. However, you may want to do some research before buying this type of mattress as a mattress labeled as organic may only contain small amounts of natural materials

Memory Foam

One of the newer types, a memory foam mattress features foam that is temperature sensitive and can mold itself to your little one’s body shape. While in colder weather, the mattress will become more pliable as your child lays on the bed. However, in summer months, it may be a little uncomfortable for your baby to lie on as the mattress’ reduced air circulation can make it a bit warmer.

Choosing what’s best for you

Picking the best baby mattress for your little one’s crib is never an easy process. There are many different things to consider before making a decision. While there are many different criteria to consider, at the end of the day, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

With our list of the 10 Best Double Strollers in 2018, we hope that  our recommendations have given you some ideas on what to look for when you go out to buy a baby mattress for their crib.

Do you have a Baby Mattresses on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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