Every parent knows the importance of a good night sleep when babies grow the fastest and parents relax the most. This is where humidifiers come into the picture adding clean moisture to the air to raise humidity in your baby’s room.

When the room is at a desirable temperature, babies sleep more comfortably while their cold symptoms, dry skin, and itchy eyes get better. Germs are cleaned as long as the humidifier works and your baby breathes only the freshest air.

However, choosing the right baby humidifier can be a daunting task. That is why we have created the following list of 10 best humidifiers for babies in 2020 that will be perfect for your nursery.


How To Choose A Baby Humidifier – Buying Guide

There are several types of baby humidifiers that you can use in different shapes and sizes. When buying the best humidifier for infants, you should consider some important factors such as the size of the baby’s room, the climate you live in, the weather conditions, and the noise level of the humidifier.

For larger rooms, you can opt for a humidifier that requires more power and capacity.  For smaller rooms, on the other hand, it makes more sense to buy a small and portable one. Always make sure that the humidifier is functional before buying.

Types of Humidifiers 

Humidifiers are divided into different types according to their capacity and some other functions.  When selecting the type of humidifier, the amount of moisture emitted to the environment, the room or area where the device will be used must be considered.

  1. Single Room Humidifier

A single room humidifier is a portable device capable of humidifying a small room or area. This device has mostly evaporative and ultrasonic properties. A single room humidifier is found useful by parents for respiratory diseases that make sleeping difficult for babies.

  1. Central Humidifier

A central humidifier is designed primarily to moisten the whole house. This appliance works by connecting to the general heating system of the house. In addition, the humidity from the special holes increases the humidity in the environment.

  1. Console Humidifier

A console humidifier is designed to humidify a large part of the house.  One of the most important features of the device is that it can be carried easily.

  1. Travel Humidifier

Wouldn’t you think that a humidifier that you can carry with you while traveling is very useful? It is a handy humidifier type that you can carry even in your case, even if it is not too strong and effective.

  1. Vapor Humidifier

Vapor humidifier vaporizes warm water to moisten the environment.  Some models also have a special reservoir to fill medicinal drugs and some oils.

Ease of Cleaning

When purchasing the best infant humidifier, you should ensure that it is easy to use. Some models only need to be drained and replaced every day.  Some other models can be cleaned easily with bleach or vinegar on a weekly basis. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will ensure that you maintain the warranty of your product and that you are doing everything you can to prevent germ growth.

Noise Level

The new generation of humidifiers usually works quietly. When buying a humidifier, you should always consider the noise level. The most silent humidifiers are those with ultrasonic properties. If your baby has trouble sleeping, you can buy a steam humidifier. Because it is seen that especially newborn babies sleep easily thanks to the fan noise in steam humidifiers.

Controlling Mist Output

How about adjusting your humidifier the way you want it?  Nowadays most humidifiers come with the controlling mist output. You can control the humidity output with the remote control and adjust the humidity of the environment with these great devices. Humidifiers with this feature can also automatically determine the moisture content according to the size of the medium and the amount of dry air.

Auto Shut-Off

Sometimes you may accidentally turn off your humidifier. However, thanks to the auto shut-off feature in the humidifiers, your device automatically turns off. Otherwise, your device may burn when all the water in the tank evaporates. This is a common feature found in almost all humidifiers. You can avoid damaging your device and wasting electricity with this feature.

Adjustable Humidistat

Do you want to buy the best baby humidifier ? You can make her room more spacious with a humidifier with adjustable humidistat. On the other hand, a humidifier that is able to optimally adjust the humidity level in the air instead of a normal humidifier is more useful.

Antibacterial Features

Mold, bacteria and germs can accumulate on the tanks, and vents of some poor humidifiers. This can cause harmful pathogens to enter your baby’s room. However, the quality humidifiers sold today are produced with antibacterial properties. You can take an important step for your baby’s health by choosing such quality products.

Cool Mist vs. Hot Steam

Humidifiers are divided into two types according to the type of steam they emit. If you compare cool mist type, and hot steam type humidifiers, you may find that those with cool mist feature are more beneficial for health. Because cool mist humidifiers reduce cough and nasal congestion caused by colds.  Cool mist type, and hot steam type humidifiers humidify the air equally, because both types of steam reach the lower airways at the same temperature. On the other hand, cold mist humidifiers eliminate mold and bacteria in the environment. Hot steam humidifiers are not as effective as cold mist humidifiers. For these reasons, it is better to choose a cold mist type when purchasing a humidifier for your baby.

Filter vs. No Filter

Baby humidifiers are produced in two models filter and no filter.  Some humidifiers are sold with filters that help prevent microorganisms from entering the air. However, it is difficult to clean these filters periodically. On the other hand, if you prefer a filter-less humidifier, you should consider a higher cost. However, this may be more economical in the long run than buying new filters. If the changes in air quality affect you very much, you may prefer a filtered model. However, you should be careful when cleaning both humidifier models. Otherwise, the air quality in your home will decrease and bacteria, mold and allergens may occur.

Effective Area

It is very important to consider the size of your baby’s room when buying a humidifier. For example; if you buy a large humidifier compared to your baby’s room, the humidity in the room, and mold increases. If you buy a humidifier with a small amount of moisture emitted, dry air can harm your baby.  Therefore, it is very important that you obtain information about the effective area of ​​the product when purchasing the baby humidifier. So, you can buy the most suitable humidifier for your baby.

Built-In Diffuser

Some humidifiers have a built-in diffuser that allows the spread of some oils or steam-treating drugs.  It is very important to use these products only in the specified humidifiers. In addition, the built-in diffuser feature allows you to set a suitable moisture level for your baby.

Now, you know how to choose a suitable humidifier for your baby.  So, it may be the right time to get a humidifier for her sensitive body.


Q: What Is A Baby Humidifier?

A: A baby humidifier is a device that adds moisture to your nursery’s air. By doing so, it creates optimal breathing circumstances helping your baby to sleep comfortably, prevent itchy eyes and dry skin.

Q: Do I Need A Humidifier?

A: Many parents believe a humidifier is an essential piece of nursery equipment that help to create the ideal breathing environment for their babies. A humidifier comes especially handy in the rooms of newborns and those less than 12 months old when they are the most fragile and sensitive.

Q: What Are The Benefits of Using Baby Humidifiers?

A: The benefits of using a baby humidifier are preventing dry skin, easing coughing and congestion, and preventing infections.

By using a humidifier in your baby’s nursery, you will help her skin find the balance it has got used to preventing rashes, discomfort, and peeling.

Secondly, using a humidifier will help your baby’s tiny nasal passages moist, protecting them from airborne illnesses. Because dry air has negative effects on your baby’s nose like drying out the mucus, it interferes the war against the germs before they can get inside your baby’s system.

Last but not the least, humidifiers can help your baby through times when she has a cold and has difficulty in breathing due to nasal congestion. If the air in her room is moist, it will help open up her nasal passages relieving congestion and sore throat feeling.

Q: How Humid The Air Should Be?

A: Baby experts recommend parents to keep the humidity level for their babies around 55% RH, slightly higher than for adults.

Q: Are There Any Safety Concerns When Using A Humidifier?

A: Yes, there are risks and precautions that should be taken seriously in order to safely use a humidifier.

The level of humidity in a room is important, too much humidity can be harmful. If your humidifier is not cleaned regularly, it can give off elements that can cause respiratory issues.

While warm mist humidifiers have risk to burn children, cool mist humidifiers have the potential to circulate minerals that can irritate lungs.

If you keep using an old humidifier, you will let harmful bacteria or mold live in the device, therefore polluting the air instead of making it fresher.

Q: Which Is Better For Baby Cool Mist Or Warm Mist Humidifier?

A: Experts say cool mist humidifiers are better for children especially when it comes to safety.

Warm-mist humidifiers contain hot water that can still on the floor hot steam carry also the same risk. While there is still research going on about the exact effects of cool mist humidifiers, there is also research showing that warm mist humidifiers do not help cold symptoms.

Q: Should I Close The Door When Using A Humidifier?

A: Closing the door or not when using a humidifier depends on the capacity of the device versus the dimensions of the room the humidifier is placed.

If your humidifier’s capacity is appropriate for the room it is in, you should keep the door closed so that humidity is contained in the room. At the end, this is the reason you have bought a humidifier in the first place.

However if the humidifier you bought is too strong for your nursery, you should leave the door open.

Q: Where Should I Place My Humidifier?

A: You should place your humidifier on a non-metallic level surface closer to the center of the room, if possible to one side of the room for best results.

Please also pay attention to below points while placing your humidifier;

  • A minimum of 3 feet away from your bed is ideal when placing your humidifier.
  • If you would like to place it on the floor, put them at least 2 feet above.
  • Avoid areas like near windows where it will be exposed to sunlight. Wooden surfaces do not go with humidifiers at all. If you have no choice, use a tray under the humidifier.
  • Avoid carpets, too.

Q: Is It Good To Sleep With A Humidifier?

A: Whether sleeping good or bad with a humidifier during sleep depends on the humidity level of your room.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), checking the humidity level on a regular basis will prevent fungi and bacteria growth. Humidity levels that is higher than 60 percent is a warning.

You can buy a hygrometer from your local hardware store to check the air moisture in your room.

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ow that you have become almost an expert on baby humidifiers, it is time to decide which one is the right one for your baby. Thankfully, you have plenty of options in our list of 10 best cool mist humidifiers for babies in 2020.

There is always a right product for everyone and we hope you find yours soon.

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