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What Are The Best Baby Headbands? – Let’s Review!

Having a little girl can be incredibly exciting for many expecting parents. The dresses and cute outfits you can dress them in are nearly endless. Oftentimes, much to a parent’s dismay, their baby girl can get confused for being a boy. Putting a headband on is a great way to clear up any confusion.

Headbands are also a great staple for some priceless baby photos. Regardless of your intended use you need the best baby girl headbands for your little one.

The market is so flooded with baby girl accessories that it can get confusing as to which one you should get. For this reason we have formulated a list of the best baby headbands on the market.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Baby Headbands Reviews

1. Faux Leather Bow?Stretch Headbands for Baby Toddler Girls by Rabbit Ears


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This high quality faux leather headband is a great value for your money. Coming in a pack of 4 with 4 different color combinations to choose from you can get the color and style that best suits your baby’s personality. You can use this headband as a ponytail wrap once your child grows more making it a great option for newborns to kids of all ages. This soft stretchy headband is made from Nylon which sits comfortably against your child’s head while not being constricting.

Why we love it – Designed by a local mom you can rest assured that you are supporting a quality business with this purchase. This non slip headband is sure to stay securely on your little girl’s head.

2. Baby Headband Turban Knotted, Girl’s Hairbands by Quest Sweet


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This 6 pack by Quest Sweet of cute baby headbands is enough to make your heart sing with happiness. The knotted turban style is incredibly diverse allowing you to tie it how you chose to give your baby girl one sweet look after another. Having 6 means that you can perfectly accent nearly every outfit. With an elastic cotton material this headband is sure to stay perfectly on your child’s head.

Why we love it – Tie and re-tie these cute baby headbands to fit your growing baby girls head. Made from an elastic synthetic cotton material means these headbands are not only incredibly soft but will effortlessly stay on your baby’s head.

3. Baby Girl Newest Round Dot Turban Headband by Mookiraer

Baby-Girl-Newest-Round-Dot-Turban-Headband-by-Mookiraer Check Price Now

This braided turban style cotton headband is just what you need for your baby girl. This sweet polka dot 5 pack has a color to match every outfit your little girl wears. The cotton fabric is stretchy and adjustable to fit anywhere from the 3 month to 10 year old girl range.  A satisfaction guarantee is backed with this purchase making it a great option for your little girl. The soft material of this cotton blend sits comfortably against your child’s head while the bright colors are sure to make her stand out.

Why we love it – Mookiraer backs this headband with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee meaning this is a risk free purchase. The soft cotton material used to make this looks great with bright colors your little one is sure to enjoy.

4. Baby Hairband Girl Elastic Hair Accessories Headbands by Qandsweet

Baby-Hairband-Girl-Elastic-Hair-Accessories-Headbands-by-Qandsweet Check Price Now

Choose from 9 different color pallets with this headband. Coming as an 8 pack means you can match every outfit your little one has. You will find that you are having more fun than your toddler with creating new designs. This soft cotton-polyester blend sits comfortably against your child’s head while the elastic keeps it securely placed on their head. This headbands for newborn baby girls will grow with your child until they are 6 years of age.

Why we love it – Tying these top rated baby headbands in multiple ways means that you can turn an 8 pack into infinite unique wears. The elastic material ensures this headband stays firmly on your child’s head.

5. 8Pcs Lovely Baby Girls Flower Headbands by FEITONG

8Pcs-Lovely-Baby-Girls-Flower-Headbands-by-FEITONG Check Price Now

This sweet 8 pack has a low profile strap with a large single flower. Absolutely perfect for newborn photos this headband makes a statement and with the many different colors are sure to match your child’s outfit perfectly. These headbands stretch as your baby’s head does allowing them to be perfect infant girl headbands that grow as your child does.

Why we love it – These cloth headbands are a great value for your money. Stretching with your baby’s growth means that you can use these headbands for years to come.

6. Baby Girls’ 3 Pack Bow Baby Headbands by Yoga Sprout


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This stretchy cotton-spandex headbands are sure to fit your growing girls head perfectly. Being fully machine washable means they are a great option for everyday. The 3 pack comes with 2 solid and 1 patterned band which will perfectly accent your child’s head. Staying firmly in place while being incredibly comfortable makes this a great gift for active babies.

Why we love it – These baby bow headbands by Yoga Sprout are great for everyday use. Sitting comfortably against your little girl’s head these hairbands are even machine washable.

7. Baby Headbands Turban Knotted, Girl’s Hair bands by Toptim


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Coming in a package of 8 hairbands these knotted turban style band comes in 8 different color pallets for you to choose from. These pretty headbands by Toptim are stretchy enough to grow with your child from infancy to well into their toddler stage. The cotton-spandex blend sits soft and comfortably against your baby’s head.

Why we love it – This soft headband makes a great baby shower gift for new mothers as this will sit comfortably against your child’s head. The spandex in this headband allows it to perfectly fit your baby’s head without slipping or causing pain. Growing with your child this headband will last through the years.

8. Baby Girls Headbands and Forked Tail Bow by Qandsweet


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This 20 pack headband set is a true bargain coming at an unbeatable price. With good elasticity this is great for mothers with multiple kids or a great way to have more than you will need on hand. A color to match every outfit, these ribbon style headbands look great on any age.

Why we love it – Being completely adjustable this headband is great for matching a newborn with a big sister for some memorable family photos. A great bargain, this value pack by Qandsweet is sure to match your everyday needs.

9. Baby’s Headbands Girl’s Cute Hair Bows Hair bands by ROEWELL


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For those new mommas that can’t decide on their favourite style, this is the headband set for you. Coming in 9 completely different styles and colors you will be able to get all your favourite styles in one place. The elasticity of this headband fits children 0-10 years of age and makes sure they securely stay on your baby’s head. Coming in a gift bag this is the ultimate baby shower present for expecting mothers.

Why we love it – Great for your newborn baby girl to about 10 years of age this is a great headband that will grow with your girl. The elasticity is sure to keep firmly on your child’s head without leaving any marks or being uncomfortable.

10. Baby Girl’s Elastic Hair Hoops Headbands by Iversan


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Coming as a set of 6 these adorable headbands by Iversan will make for some of the sweetest photos ever. Fitting children from 3 months old to 10 years of age means these cotton headbands will grow with your girl. A soft and comfortable design sits comfortable against your baby’s head while having a bright bold design. The bow on this headband is removable and can be added to any headband you choose making this even more versatile.

Why we love it – One of the sweetest headband designs this 6 pack is made with a soft and comfortable fabric. Coming in a pack of 6 means that there is a style to match every one of your child’s outfits.

Choosing what’s best for you

Having a baby girl is fun and exciting. Many women dream of dressing their babies in beautiful outfits that make them look great for photo shoots or special occasions. With the help of this baby headbands review you now know of some of the best and highest quality accessories on the market. Having a soft headband that will grow with you baby will help you to get the best value in your baby girls headband.

Do you have a Baby Headbands on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 7th of September 2017

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