Having a little baby girl can be an incredibly exciting experience for many expecting parents. There are endless dresses and cute outfits you can dress your baby in. Oftentimes though, much to a parent’s dismay, their little girl can get confused for a baby boy. Putting a cute headband on your baby girl is a great way to clear up any confusion.

Headbands are also a great accessory for adorable baby photos. Regardless of your intended use, when selecting headbands for your baby you want to get the best baby girl headbands for your little one.

There are countless accessories and headbands for baby girls available on the market so it can get confusing and overwhelming trying to decide to which one you should get. For this reason, we have created a list of the best baby headbands on the market. Our list highlights different styles, materials, and sizes of headbands so you can select the ones that are most suitable for your little girl.

Check out our list of top 10 baby headbands to find the ones that are perfect for your child.


How To Choose A Baby Headband – Buying Guide

Having a baby girl is a fun and exciting prospect. Many parents dream of dressing their babies in beautiful outfits that make them look great for special occasions or photos. With the help of this list of top 10 baby headbands you now know more about some of the best and highest quality accessories on the market. When selecting the best set of headbands for your child it is good to consider several factors including size, comfort, material, and design. By considering these factors when choosing headbands for your baby you will be able to get a set of stylish, comfortable headbands that your little one will be able to use for several years.


Different sets of baby headbands come in different sizes. When choosing a set of headbands for your child, make sure to read the product information and see what the size of the headband is so you can make sure it will fit comfortably around your child’s head. Baby headbands will often include a specific size measurement and an age range that indicates how long your child will be able to use the product for. Knowing the size of the headband will make it easier for you to select an appropriate set of headbands for your little one.

Comfort & Material 

Baby headbands are often made from a range of different materials including cotton, spandex, polyester and soft nylon. These different materials provide different levels of comfort and elasticity. Headbands made of cotton are usually softer and won’t leave any marks on your child’s skin, whereas headbands that are a blend of cotton and spandex offer greater elasticity meaning your child will be able to wear the headbands for longer as the material can stretch more. When choosing a set of baby headbands make sure to read what material the headband is made of, so you can choose a material that will be the most comfortable and the kindest to your baby’s sensitive skin. It is also good to check if the headband is machine washable as it will allow you to use it more often while keeping it clean for your baby. 


One of the main reasons parents like to put headbands on their little girls is that these headbands are a cute and fun addition to their child’s outfits. Baby headbands usually come in a variety of bright colors and designs. Some headbands feature faux leather bows, or braided knots, or large flowers or gorgeous patterns. When selecting a set of headbands, choose a set you think suits your child’s personality and offers a great range so you can mix and match the headbands to your child’s outfits. Some headbands come in packs as large as twenty and feature the same design while others come in smaller packs but include headbands with different types of styles and bows. A great design feature found in some headbands is that they can double as hair ties and therefore can still be used by your child as they grow older.


Q: Are Headbands Safe to Wear?

A: Baby headbands are safe to wear as long as they aren’t too tight on your baby’s head. Opting for a stretchy material such as soft nylon or a blend of materials that include spandex will mean that the headband can sit comfortably on your baby’s head without leaving marks or hurting their sensitive skin.

Q: Will the Headband Leave a Mark on My Baby’s Head?

A: Baby headbands made of a softer material such as soft nylon or cotton blends will be gentler on your baby’s skin and will sit more comfortably on their heads and not leave any marks. A good baby headband shouldn’t leave marks on your baby’s skin. Make sure to read the product information before purchasing the headbands so you can select a soft and comfortable set of headbands for your child.

Q: How Do I Choose the Correct Fit?

A: Baby headbands will usually include information about the headband’s size or dimension as well as what ages the headbands are suitable for. Usually, the safest way to choose the correct fit is to compare the circumference of the baby headband to that of your baby’s head so you can select a fit that will suit your child without being too snug or too loose.

Q: Can My Baby Boy Wear a Headband? 

A: Although headbands are more frequently purchased by parents for their daughters, they are just as perfectly suitable for your baby boy. Make sure to read the product dimensions and size so you can select a set of headbands that will fit his head perfectly.

My Baby Planet Overview

Baby headbands are an excellent choice of accessory for your child. They usually come as a set of several headbands in different colors, patterns or even designs. When deciding which set of headbands to purchase for your child, we recommend you carefully read the product specifications so you can select a set that will be comfortable for your baby, that has enough elasticity so you can use it as your baby grows and that the design and colors of the set are ones that you think suit your baby’s personality best. Materials such as cotton and spandex, or soft nylon will give the headband enough elasticity for the band to stay on your child’s head, while also being soft enough to not leave any marks and sit comfortably against their skin. If you are unsure about whether a product is a right fit for your child, we always recommend you read the question and answers sections which will offer insight into other parents’ experiences with the product and will help you make an informed choice when purchasing a set of headbands for your little one.

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