Newborns are so sensitive to heat, so you need to keep the sun out of their eyes and protect them against harmful UV. During spring or winter, though, a lot of the heat gets lost through the head, which is not ideal for the baby’s health. Thus, it is a no-brain to invest in the best baby hats that will be useful all year round.

The thing is, opting for the best sun hat for babies can seem intimidating, especially for new parents. To help ease the process, we have created a list of the top 10 infant hats in the market.


How To Choose A Baby Hat – Buying Guide

Wide Brim

An ideal hat for babies has a wide brim that shields not only the forehead but also the nape and the rest of the face. It should be firm enough not to get flipped by strong winds yet not too heavy to weigh down the hat.

Neck Protection

Beanies, caps, and sun hats need to offer neck protection to keep this body part from getting sunburned. This is especially vital for babies who cannot wear sunscreen.

Ultraviolet Protection

Your child’s hat should be able to protect them against ultraviolet rays. You can usually find a UPF rating of 50+ among sun hats.

Chin Strap

Chin straps are supposed to keep a hat from flying away from your infant. To ensure their comfortability, the hat’s chin strap should be adjustable.


Infants and toddlers cannot wear caps that are either too tight or too loose. Before buying a hat, though, you need to measure the child’s head first and match it with the product sizes.


In regular sun hats, you want fabric blends that reflect sunlight. When it comes to beanies, the material can be cotton, polyester, or acrylic as long as the cap is stretchable.


Q: Are hats good for newborns?

A: Yes, hats are good for newborns, especially if they are outside.

Q: Do babies need sun hats?

A: Yes, babies need sun hats to shield their heads from direct sunlight.

Q: Do newborns need a hat to sleep?

A: No, babies do not need a hat to sleep. Their head may get too hot while wearing a hat.

Q: Do newborns need hats in summer?

A: No, newborns do not need hats in summer if they remain indoors. Once they go out, though, they need to wear a hat.

Q: What are newborn hospital hats made of?

A: Newborn hospital hats are made of 100% cotton. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Choose a hat that will protect your child from heat or cold and allow them to remain dry. Especially during the summer months, they need the best baby hat to shield their face from UV rays.

We hope that our reviews about the best baby hats above can help you make proper hat-related decisions for your little one.

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