When your baby is starting to eat solid foods, there can be a lot of things you may want to consider even before feeding them. For a lot of people, giving make their own, which is where a baby food maker comes in.

But how do you know which is the best baby food maker for your child’s needs?

With our list of the 10 Best Baby Food Makers in 2020. we wanted to build a list of we thought were the ones you should buy.

If you decide that you want to get one, we want to be sure to give you a hand by offering some advice on what to look for on the market today.

Hopefully, with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can keep getting ready for your little one to come home.

Ready? Let’s get started.


How To Choose A Baby Food Maker – Buying Guide

Choosing the best baby food maker for you to use when you want to create a healthy meal for your child can be harder that it may seem. When it came time for us to create a list of the 10 Best Baby Food Maker in 2020, we wanted to ensure that when we started our baby food maker reviews, that the criteria we used to pick our list was as comprehensive as possible so that you could know that we only recommended the very best. Our criteria included

Manual or Electric

Baby food makers can be sold in two different formats, manual and electric. When you start considering whether or not to buy a baby food maker, you should decide which type your prefer. Electric models tend to be faster, more efficient and much easier to use. On the other hand, manual baby food makers are generally much less expensive but can take a lot of manual effort to use every time. The convenience that can come with an electric model can help save a lot of time.

Dishwasher Safe

If you can buy a baby food maker that is also dishwasher safe, it can be very convenient compared to those that can only be manually washed. No matter how messy the food that you are making for your little one, being able to throw it into a dishwasher and have it come out clean and sterile instead of sitting in the sink with food caked on it is a much nicer option especially when lunch ends and dinner is coming shortly.

BPA Free

Many baby food makers can come in many different materials. The most common material is plastic and finding one that is BPA-free is one that many parents should strive to look for when they go shopping. While recently, there has been some controversy over BPA, leaving some parents concerned that it may be harmful to their children, there is not concrete proof that BPA is harmful to humans, to be safe, you may want to buy a BPA-free baby food maker.

Unbreakable Material

While there are many different types of materials that baby food makers can be made from, no matter which one you choose, buying one that is made from an unbreakable material. One of the most horrific things that could happen with a baby food maker that is made from a breakable material is if a piece happened to break off and end up in their food it could be extremely dangerous.


There can be several different types of baby food makers on the market that can cover a wide variety of functions. Some models can only do the basic preparations meaning that they can blend or grind the food that you will then need to cook. Then there are some out there that do it all, including cook the food for your little one. For some, an all-in-one option could be a good option because of the convenience that it offers. However, that convenience could come at a price as these types of baby food makers can take up a lot of countertop space.


As you are probably well aware of, being a parent can be very expensive. The best baby food makers aren’t always going to be the most expensive ones on the self, which is like a lot of other products you may buy for your child. Keep in mind that you may only be using the baby food maker for a total of six months, so you may want to account for that when you go shipping.

Benefits of a baby stroller

When it comes to buying a baby food maker, many parents will only see the benefit that these are made to make food for your little one when they are hungry. However, a good baby food maker  can have more benefits than simply making the food to put in your baby’s tummy. These benefits include

Save Money

When you go to the store and look at the options for baby food, your first reaction may be that they aren’t that expensive. And you’re right, one jar of baby food isn’t expensive. However, seeing as the average baby will consume about 600 jars of baby food, that can add up very quickly. That alone may be a good reason why many parents are making food at home, in the long run, they will save a bunch of money.

Know what’s going in their food

Store bought baby foods can be loaded with preservative and added sugars along with some ingredients you may not even be able to name packed into the little jars and packages found on store shelves. Using a baby food maker to make your little one’s food can help you make sure that you know exactly what you are feeding your child and not some mixture of chemicals and other less than desirable ingredients.


When you go to the store and buy jars of baby food, the variety of different combinations of fruits and vegetables can be limited because it’s the flavor the company wanted to make and sell to you in the store. With a baby food maker, the variety is limitless. You can create numerous different combinations to give your child and opportunity to taste. It’s very important for your child to receive a well-balanced diet and offering your child amazing varieties that are delicious.

More nutritional value

With some baby food makers on the market, the makers will steam the food, which can be an amazing way to keep all of the nutrients in it.Having a baby food maker allows you to keep as many nutrients in their food can be an amazing bonus. Their first few years are some of the most important when it comes to their growth and development. Having a balanced diet that provides all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to help them grow strong is essential.

Disadvantages of Baby Food Makers

While baby food makers can have a lot of benefits, not only for you, but for your little one as well, there can be some downsides. When we decided to showcase the 10 Best Baby Food Makers in 2020, we wanted to you to know the plusses and the minuses of owning one.


As a busy parent, you may be pulled in a hundred different directions when it comes to taking care of your little one and making sure that they eat. Making food in a baby food maker can take time. The time you may need to make that food may make it hard to dedicate time to making their food instead of using prepackaged food.

Convenience can be an issue

One of the big benefits that prepackaged baby food can offer is that it can be taken anywhere it needs to go very easily and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. While you can bring your homemade food with you when you go out for the day with your little one, it can be a bit of a pain because it needs to be refrigerated.

Needs to be refrigerated

With homemade food, they can spoil very quickly and any portion that you make or that they do not eat needs to go in the refrigerator or freezer right away. This has the unfortunate side effect of taking up valuable real estate in your refrigerator or freezer and you may find yourself having trouble storing all of the little containers that hold their food.

It might taste gross

There is a very good reason that many baby food manufacturers load their baby food with sugar and other sweeteners. It is extremely easy for anyone to make baby food that tastes bitter and gross due to many reasons. Whether it be that the fruits and vegetables aren’t ripe enough or just that you may have done something wrong, which does happen.

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best baby food maker for your child isn’t going to be as easy as simply  buying the first one you see when you go to the store. You will likely have many different things to consider first. With our list of the 10 Best Baby Food Makers in 2020, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of a baby food maker before you left your house.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

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