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What Are The Best Baby Detergent? – Let’s Review!

Every parent knows that with a new baby comes a ton of new laundry. With babies going through multiple outfits a day, it is a wonder how something so small and sweet can make such a mess.

Your baby has soft sensitive skin that can be easily irritated. We now know and understand that the skin is a large organ that can rapidly absorb all the toxins that are put on it. With many of today’s laundry detergents leaving a harmful soap residue on clothing, it is so important to to use a gentle and organic detergent that is safe against your baby’s skin. The best baby detergent will be safe enough to use through multiple washes and strong enough to combat the mess.

With so many options out there in today’s world it can prove difficult to find the best baby laundry detergent on the market. For this reason we have created a buying guide that will help you to find the best product for your family.

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Baby Detergent Reviews

1. Fragrance Free Laundry Powder by Charlie’s Soap


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With one pack being good for 100 loads of laundry, this comes in at a great value. A simple tablespoon is all you will need to perfectly clean one large load of laundry. This tough laundry detergent is powerful enough to thoroughly clean on a cold cycle making it so that your baby’s clothes are free from shrinking. This laundry powder is compatible with your high efficiency machine which makes it a staple in every household.

This scent-free powder leaves no residue when cleaning any fabric from silk and cotton to wool and linens. The hypoallergenic and non toxic formula is perfect for even the most sensitive of babies. Dissolving completely in cold water this detergent formula is completely biodegradable making it just as healthy for the environment as it is for your family.

Why we love it – This non-toxic, hypoallergenic laundry detergent for sensitive skin is all you will need

2. Naturally Derived 8X Concentrated Laundry Detergent Pump, Free + Clear by Method


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With one bottle being good for 75 loads of laundry, this detergent is an incredibly concentrated formula. With a soft fresh scent this detergent is perfect for washing baby clothes. This detergent is made using a plant based formula that has smartclean technology. This helps it to find the dirt and stains and attack them to ensure your baby’s clothes come out clean and free from fading.

This liquid pump laundry detergent is concentrated so you will be left with a smaller bottle that will clean more loads. No more worrying about messy powder detergents, 2 quick pumps is all you need to get soft and fresh smelling clothes that are flawlessly cleaned. This is great for parents who are multi tasking with a baby in one arm and only have one free hand to do laundry.

Why we love it – The one handed pump nozzle is convenient for busy families. With a sensitive plant based formula this detergent is gentle on your clothes. The eight times concentrated blend means you will need less detergent per load.

3. PODS Free & Gentle HE Turbo Laundry Detergent by Tide

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Tide is one of the most trusted and preferred laundry detergents on today’s market. The pod system is incredibly easy to use as all you have to do is throw a pod in with your laundry and watch as your clothes come out perfect every time. No mess and no spills that you get with powder or liquid detergents. Cleaning 81 loads of laundry makes this detergent a great value buy.

This Free & Gentle formula is made with a hypoallergenic formula that is great for sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested and approved this detergent is free of dyes and perfumes making it a top rated baby detergent. These pacs fully dissolve in both hot and cold waters giving you complete freedom to wash as you may.

Using one pod for medium loads, 2 for large loads and 3 for extra large loads means that you can control the amount of detergent needed. These pods are high efficiency compatible meaning that they will work no matter what type of machine you use. This makes these pods a great option for every family.

Why we love it – Tide’s 3-in-1 gentle pod pacs have technology to act as a detergent, stain remover and a brightener. This helps ensure your clothes smell clean and stay looking new for many years to come. Being HE compatible means this detergent is safe for any washing machine.

4. Natural HE Powder Laundry Detergent by Rockin’ Green

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This unscented natural powdered laundry detergent cleans up to 90 loads. The deep cleaning ability perfectly combines with the natural and sensitive formula to make for the ultimate detergent for cloth diapers. This concentrated formula contains no additives which makes it so only a few spoonfuls will leave your clothes looking like new. Being high efficiency machine compatible means that this cleaner is a great option for every family.

This kid friendly, vegan friendly, gluten free formula is the ultimate blend that is healthy for both your family and the environment. This organic laundry detergent is natural enough to sit comfortably even against your baby’s sensitive skin. This gentle yet powerful detergent is safe for your baby and strong enough to handle the toughest of stains.

Why we love it – Safety is a number one priority for Rockin’ Green which can easily be seen as this detergent is free from phosphates, bleach, dyes, brighteners and parabens. Being just as environmentally friendly as it is health friendly this vegan, gluten free, biodegradable formula is never tested on animals. This detergent is so gentle it is safe to use as an everyday cleaner.

5. Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear by Biokleen

Laundry-Liquid,-Free-&-Clear-by-Biokleen Check Price Now

Biokleen is an environmentally conscious family run business looking to create a better world through the power of cleaning.  The great thing about family run businesses is that the products are often tried and tested by real families which gives them a top level of quality.

This gentle laundry detergent is fragrance free and perfect for those with sensitivities or allergies. With no artificial colors or preservatives this locally made formula is 3X concentrated meaning there is less waste and filler. This detergent is fully compatible with your high efficiency washer. The formula allows for 128 HE loads and 64 standard loads meaning you get a great value for your buck.

The plant based formula has grapefruit seed extracts that thoroughly cleans even the toughest of stains and combats strong odours. Free from many common irritants such as bleach and chlorine this gentle formula is a great buy that will make your whole family happy.

Why we love it – Standing behind smaller family run local businesses is always a great option. This health forward liquid laundry detergent by Biokleen is a plant based formula. The unscented formula rinses completely clean leaving your clothes clean without the harsh soap residues. Great for sensitive skin this formula is free of phosphates, chlorine, ammonia and other hazards making it safe for you and your baby.

6. Purtouch Baby Liquid HE Laundry Detergent, Hypoallergenic and Plant-based by Dreft


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This hypoallergenic liquid formula comes highly recommended by Pampers making this smaller name much more trustworthy. By gently cleaning clothing to remove 99% of food stains this tough formula leaves no residue allowing it to sit comfortably against your baby’s skin.

The plant based formula is the #1 pediatrician recommended detergent out there. This delicate formula contains no dyes or harsh chemicals. Fully compatible with your high efficiency detergent this cleaner is concentrated enough to fully clean and treat your tough stains.

Why we love it – This gentle hypoallergenic formula by Dreft is a great everyday liquid detergent for your family. Helping to clean 99% of all stains this is an all in one product that will free you up with less time spent cleaning and more time spent with your family.

7. HE Baby Laundry Detergent Pacs, Scent, Dye and Enzyme-Free by Dropps


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These plant based detergent pacs are perfectly measured to ensure you get the most value for your dollar. The pre measured pods make laundry time clean and hassle free without the struggle of using liquid and powder detergents.

This safe option is free of dyes, fragrances, enzymes and brighteners making it gentle enough to use on your baby’s sensitive skin. Don’t let this gentle formula fool you it is tough on soiled clothing making it a safe and healthy option for cleaning bedding, bibs and even cloth diapers. Not tested on animals this detergent is fully PETA approved. This scent free formula is chlorine free making it safe for septic tanks.

Why we love it – This cruelty free laundry detergent is healthy for both your family as well as the environment. With a safe and natural formula you can rest assured that your family will not suffer any sensitivities from their laundry. This everyday baby detergent comes in pre measured packs that make laundry time easy. They are also compatible with every water temperature and are safe enough to use on the most sensitive of clothing such as cloth diapers.

8. Gentle Baby Laundry Detergent, Fragrance Free by Mama Bear


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Good for up to 106 loads of laundry means that you will be paying a mere $0.22 a load. This smart choice laundry detergent is free of phthalates, dyes and artificial scents. A 4x concentrated formula means that you will use less detergent to fight even the toughest of stains. Never tested on animals this detergent is strong enough to act as a pre rinse aid on tough food stains as well as for full loads of your baby’s toughest laundry.

Why we love it – Rest assured that your detergent will be safe and gentle against your baby’s sensitive skin. This detergent makes your laundry come out soft and free of any soapy residues making them feel great against your skin.

9. Natural Laundry Detergent Free and Clear Unscented by Seventh Generation


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This free and clear formula is perfectly designed for your baby’s sensitive skin. Free of artificial scents this detergent uses only natural essential oils grown straight from the garden. Never tested on animals this guilt free detergent from Seventh Generation is 4x concentrated and compatible with any type of machine including HE. Made using natural ingredients this free and clear formula is powerful enough to treat tough stains yet gentle enough to be used everyday.

Why we love it – The plant based ingredients used by Seventh Generation uses a powerful triple-enzyme formula to attack tough stains. Not testing on animals this hypoallergenic formula sits comfortably against your child’s skin.

10. 3X Baby Laundry Detergent, Fragrance Free by Babyganics


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This organic plant based laundry detergent is a clear favourite. Not only does it sit soft and gentle against your baby’s skin but it has strong stain fighting components. This triple concentrated detergent will ensure that your clothes come out clean and bright looking like new again. Free of sulfates this cleaner is non-allergenic making it safe against even the most sensitive of baby skin.

Why we love it – This fragrance free organic detergent by Babyganics is a great everyday cleaner. Your family is sure to love the soft feel of this gentle plant based formula.

Choosing what’s best for you

When you have a baby your whole life changes. You are suddenly much more conscious of the different formulas used in your life and laundry detergent is one of those things you are likely to change. Your sensitive baby’s skin requires some a gentle formula. All the ones on our list are sure to keep your family safe and happy.

Do you have a Baby Detergent on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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