When your baby first comes home, it is very likely that for quite a while, you will want them to sleep close to you in a bassinet or something similar. But as they get older, like you, they are going to need their own space.

Having a comfortable crib for your baby to lie down in and go to sleep can be the best baby furniture piece you can buy for you and your little one. But how do you know what the best baby cribs on the market are?

To help, we went shopping for you and built a list of our top choices of the best baby cribs in 2019 to make buying your baby their first bed as pain free as possible.

If you’re ready to see the cribs that we recommend for you and your little one, let’s get started with our 10 Best Baby Cribs in 2019.

The Best Baby Cribs

How To Choose A Baby Crib – Buying Guide

As you go through our list of the top 10 baby cribs, you may wonder how we could determine what the best baby crib is? When we looked at the options out there and started to compile our list, we wanted to make sure that the choices we recommended met our criteria. By doing this, we could then recommend these to you, knowing that our selections would be the perfect fit for you. Here are the things we looked at to build our list:

Construction Materials

When we started looking at the cribs that were out there for you to buy, one of the first things we looked at was what material was being used to make the crib? We wanted to be sure that if we recommended a crib to you and your baby, that it was well built, safe, sturdy and durable. This is your child that will be sleeping there; we want to make sure they’re safe, just like you do.

Sides and Railings

While adding to the strength and stability of the crib as a whole, we looked at some of the options that manufacturers added to the rails of the crib itself. As your baby grows older, they will begin to teeth and some babies like to gnaw on crib rails, which can hurt their gums and new teeth considerably. We looked at some cribs that offered a teething rail as part of their package and wanted to ensure that they were built to stay in place and not crack or break.

Mattress Supports

Some of the best cribs we found on the market came with adjustable crib supports. Being able to adjust the level of the mattress is an important safety feature. As your child grows, they will learn to stand and if high enough, use the crib rail for support. If the mattress is too high, they could climb out and possibly hurt themselves. Being able to adjust the mattress level helps keep that from happening.


When you’re planning for a baby, money is everything and depending on the product, it could decide whether you buy it or not. We tried to find choices that gave you the most benefit for the money spent. Being able to buy something once is a very valuable piece of mind.

Baby Crib Benefits

Owning a crib for your baby can have many benefits that can help both you and them. Having a crib for your baby is as important as you having your own bed. It gives your child a place to sleep, relax or even hang out and play. Choosing the best crib for your baby’s nursery can offer you the following benefits:


When your baby first comes home, you will feel like there is nothing in the world that can protect them better than you. And you aren’t wrong. In your arms is likely the safest place they can be. However, when it does comes time to have your little one sleep in their own bed, a crib can provide a safe space for them to sleep through the night or just an afternoon nap in complete comfort.

Time Off

Everyone needs a minute to themselves. Your baby is no different. While they love it when you hold them and cuddle with them, babies are like everyone else, they need time to themselves. Having a crib allows you to give them that time they can use to relax and if old enough, play with some fun and stimulating crib toys.

Their own little world

Do you know anyone with a man cave or an entertainment room that’s separate from the rest of the house? Those are considered their private little area of the world where they can “escape” and relax. Your baby’s crib is no different for them. When they are in their crib, they are in their own little world, safe and sound with a comfortable mattress and rails.

Understanding the Co-Sleeping VS. Crib Sleeping Controversy

Depending on the parent that you speak with, some will have a preference to have their baby sleep in a crib once they have reached an appropriate age, whereas some parents prefer to have their baby sleep in bed with them.

While it will always be your personal preference whether your baby sleeps with you in bed or in their crib, there is some information both for and against either option.


One of the biggest benefits that supporters of co-sleeping mention is how easy it makes breastfeeding. Babies that share a bed with mom are more likely to be breastfed and fed more often than those who sleep in a crib.

Also, co-sleeping allows you to spend much more time being close with your baby, which can have comforting effects for both of you. There are some that feel that co-sleeping may help create a stronger bond.

However, some detractors of co-sleeping point to an increased risk of something tragic happening accidentally. Babies can risk dying from suffocation if precautions aren’t in place to keep that from happening.

Others state that co-sleeping may make it harder down the road to wean a child into sleeping in their own bed when they are older.

Crib Sleeping

A lot of parents who support having their child sleep in their crib lean towards doing so because their baby has an easier time getting used to sleeping in their own bed. This also benefits nap time because of their familiarity with their crib.

Though some will cite that for a non-nursing mother looking to bond with their child, having them sleep in a crib limits that time to the daytime, they also note that with your child sleeping in a crib at night and during naps, buying a baby monitor becomes necessary to keep an eye on how they are doing.

Whether you decide to co-sleep with your little one or place them in a crib for the night, knowing the benefits and possible risks in doing so will help you be more informed when making the decision.

My Babies Planet Overview

When shopping for your baby’s crib, choosing one that is the best combination of comfort for your child and safety to help ease your concerns is one of the best things you can do.

With a lot of different options on the market, choosing the best baby crib for you and your baby will always come down to preference and the benefits you are looking for in a bed for your child. Before you start, knowing what options and safety features you are looking for will help make the buying process that much easier.

We hope that our list of the 10 Best Baby Cribs in 2019 was able to give you some options to consider when choosing a crib. While there are a lot of choices out there, we’re confident that the list we’ve provided you with will help you.

Choosing the best baby crib for your nursery is an important decision. Not only are you picking what may be the best baby furniture in the room, but you’re selecting your child’s bed that they may use for years and many exciting memories to come.

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