As your child grows up, and starts to make the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, choosing the best baby bottle for them can be arduous at best.

Choosing the right bottle for your little one can have a lot of questions when you begin shopping around:

Which ones help prevent colic?

Are these BPA free?

Can I use my dishwasher to clean the bottles?

How do I even pick the best baby bottle for them?

That’s a lot of questions. To help, we went shopping for you and compiled a list of our top choices of the best baby bottles on the market to help answer your questions and help make the buying process much easier.

If you’re ready, we’d would like to show you our recommendations for the 10 Best Baby Bottles in 2020.

Let’s get started.

The Best Baby Bottles

How To Choose A Baby Bottle – Buying Guide

Choosing the right baby bottle not only impacts your little one, but you as well. Choosing the wrong baby bottle will make feeding harder and more stressful for you. To avoid that, when we went shopping for the 10 Best Baby Bottles in 2020, we made sure that our picks met a certain set of criteria before we recommended them to you.

Because you can’t have one without the other, we have broken down our criteria into what to look for in a baby bottle and nipple.


Bottle Material

Baby bottles can be sold in many different materials that you can choose from. While some of these are safer than others, some can break or be very expensive to use in feeding your baby. The different types are:

  • Plastic – Bottles made from plastic are light, shatterproof, inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere. While most plastic bottle are BPA-free, some parents worry about the chemicals made to make the bottles seeping into their baby’s’ food. These types can also deteriorate, so you may need to replace them regularly.
  • Glass – Bottles made from glass can be heavy and can shatter if dropped, although a silicone sleeve can help prevent this. Naturally BPA-free, glass bottles last longer than their plastic counterpart and sold in many areas, but can be expensive.
  • Silicone – Bottles made from silicone are light, unbreakable and also BPA-free. While more expensive than both glass and plastic, they are also not sold in grocery or drug stores which can make replacing them or the nipples hard to do in a pinch.
  • Stainless Steel – Bottles made from stainless steel are light, unbreakable and BPA-free as well and can last for a very long time. However, they can be hard to find and quite expensive.

Bottle Shape

Just as there are many different types of materials that baby bottles can be made from, the shape can be just as varied. Traditional bottles can be tall and slightly curved or angled to help keep your baby from ingesting air while they eat. A lot of bottle on the market will claim that their bottle is designed to help you or your baby hold them while eating. Some wide-necked bottles can help with making measuring the formula you’re using easier, but this shape tends to not fit into drink-holders in vehicles or on strollers.


Some bottles on the market will come with a easy-to-use plastic insert. This can be handy to have while on the run. Simply toss the insert and wash the nipple when your little one is done. Inserts are designed to be used only once.

Venting Systems

Babies who become colicy can be rough on your little one. There are many bottles on the market that are touted as preventing colic. One way they do this is by having a venting system in the bottle itself. Examples include having

Size and Number

Let’s face it; you’re not going to be in the perfect place to put a baby gate every single time. Houses are built as complete boxes. With houses that may have stair balusters or an angled banister or an odd hallway, gate manufacturers have provided their consumers with different types of installation options so that you can ensure your baby is safe when one is being used.



Like bottles, nipples can come in varying materials. Whether they are made from latex or silicone, there are some differences between them. Latex nipples tend to be softer and more flexible. However, they don’t last very long and some babies may have a latex allergy, keeping these from being an option.

Silicone nipples on the other hand, can last much longer and can be firmer when compared to latex nipples.


A traditional bottle nipple is shaped like a bell or dome. Designed to help accommodate your child’s palate and gums, orthodontic nipples come with a bulb that is flat on its side and rests on your little one’s tongue.

Flat-topped and wide nipples, which are typically used with wide bottles, are said to be more like a Mother’s breast and can be a good option to use if you’re planning on switching from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Size and Flow

Nipples are designed to allow for a certain amount of fluid to pass through the tip at certain flow speeds. If your child is a newborn or preemie, the smallest nipple is likely to be the best option, often called stage 1, because of their slow flow rate.

In stores, nipples are marked in accordance with a size and suggested age range. These are guidelines and if your little one doesn’t follow them exactly, you should not be concerned. You may need to try a few different sized nipples to find the best one for your baby. You will just want to make sure that they aren’t having a hard time getting milk or getting too much, which may cause choking or spitting up.


Disposable nipples are a great option if you happen to be traveling or on the go. Sold prepackaged and sterilized, their convenience is a major bonus of using them. The only real downside is that they need to be thrown away after one use.

Different Types of Baby Bottles

As with just about everything that you will buy for your little one, the days of there being only one kind of baby bottle on the market are gone. Between the classic design and more modern looks, knowing which type of bottle you are looking at will help when it comes time to buy them.


Most people will see this kind of baby bottle when they picture one in their head. Without any features, a standard bottle is a bottle, nipple and collar to keep the nipple in place and that’s it. Because of its simplicity, standard baby bottles can be found almost anywhere and can be incredibly inexpensive.

While some will point to its cheap price as a sign that it is made from poor quality materials, its simple design can make these easy to clean and can fit accessories such as bottle warmers and sterilizers.

Angled Neck

An angled neck baby bottle can look a lot like a standard bottle with one obvious difference. The noticeable bend in the neck of the bottle. Designed to keep the nipple full of milk or formula and at the same time preventing air bubble getting trapped in the nipple.

Pediatricians recommend feeding your baby using a semi-upright position to help prevent ear infections. Angled neck bottles help encourage feeding in this position and can be much easier for mom and dad to hold.

Wide Neck

On a wide neck bottle, the bottle is designed exactly as the name implies.The bottle is made wider to accommodate for the wider nipple that goes on top of the bottle.

The wider nipple is designed to closely resemble a mother’s breast. Because of this similarity, preventing nipple confusion is very possible. This makes wide neck bottles a very suitable option for those mother’s who may want to switch back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.


When feeding from a bottle, the action of sucking the nipple to drink their milk or formula causes a vacuum. This vacuum can cause air bubbles to get trapped in the nipple. Swallowing these bubbles can cause your baby colic or gas.

A vented bottle has vents that help prevent the air from getting trapped or mixing with their food and swallowed by letting air bubbles move towards the back end, or the base, of the bottle.

With more pieces that a standard bottle, vented bottles can be more difficult to clean. The cost for vented bottles is also more expensive than a traditional bottle.


Disposable baby bottles are intended to be used when traveling or when in a pinch and as a back up. A big benefit of these types of bottles is that there is no cleaning necessary. Once your little one is finished, simply throw the bottle away.

Benefits of Baby Bottles

When it comes to baby bottles, some may think that the benefits of using a baby bottle only extend to the baby. After all, they are the ones eating. However, using a baby bottle can have benefits for that child’s mother and father well that might surprise you.


When feeding your child with a bottle, you and your child won’t have to go through the uncomfortable and to some, embarrassing process of breastfeeding. There is no struggle to get your little one in the right position over and over again to put them in the correct position or the damage it can do to your breasts.

For some moms, it can be embarrassing to feed in public. When using a bottle, there isn’t that uncomfortable feeling when you have a breast out in the open.


When you are bottle feeding your child, you don’t to stress over your diet. If they require a certain type of formula, not having to change your diet can be very helpful. The formula that they may be on will have the nutrients that they need to provide them with a complete diet

Feeding Amount

When you breastfeed your little one, you don’t really know just how much that are eating eat time they latch on. Using a bottle, you can know exactly how much that they have been eating. Almost all baby bottles will have a volume measure on the side of the bottle so you can keep track of how much they eat.

Create A Routine

When you feed your baby using a bottle, you create a routine between you and them. A schedule can be established so that you know when exactly you’re feeding them which helps you and them establish a routine. You don’t run into the guessing that can come from breastfeeding wondering whether or not they are hungry. By setting a routine, you avoid all of those issues.

Better Sleep

One of the best aspects of feeding your child through the use of a baby bottle is that bottle-fed babies are usually more likely to sleep through the night sooner than solely breastfed babies. While this is not guaranteed to happen, any help that you can get for them and you to sleep better and though the night is very welcome.

Understanding the Breastfeeding or Breast Pumping Conversation

Before you start to feed your baby using baby bottles, there are some who may feel that the only way to feed your child is to do so as naturally as possible, which would be breastfeeding.

Mothers who side towards breastfeeding their babies exclusively cite the closeness or bond that can be developed between you and your child while they breastfeed. Some have pointed out the convenience that comes with breastfeeding as well as the nutritional benefits that come with the milk coming straight from you to your baby.

However, moms who choose to feed their children with a baby bottle, while they do agree on a lot of the points made by those who are pro-breastfeeding, also see baby bottles as a way to supply their children with quality food to help them grow.

While some moms will cite the convenience of being able to know exactly the amount your little one is eating when they are feed by bottle, either side of the conversation has its own merits and will always come down to personal preference.

My Babies Planet Overview

When you start the process of choosing the right baby bottle to feed your little one, you will easily have a lot of different options that can fill a need to keep your baby happy and fed.

Before doing anything, doing research on not only the types of bottles out there, but which ones will work best for not only your needs, but your child’s needs has to be taken into account.

Buying the best baby bottle for your child’s needs is never a single item purchase. You will definitely need purchase more than one to feed them multiple times a day

We hope that our list of the 10 Best Baby Bottles in 2020 was able to provide you with some options to consider when first starting out. While there are a lot of options out there, we are confident that our list can help you make a perfect choice.

Choosing the correct baby bottle for your child is one of the most important decisions that you can make as a parent. As your child grows up, they will start to get hungry and having a good option to feed them with is essential.

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