When your baby moves off of milk to soft and solid foods it can be a very exciting change. As they grow more independent and able to feed themselves, meal time can become a playful mess. With the help of the best baby bibs you can give your child the freedom to eat and play without worry that their clothes will get damaged.

We know how exciting this stage of development can be in your baby’s life. That is why we have done the research to find the best bibs for babies on the market. With the help of these bibs, you can have worry free meal times.

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How To Choose A Baby Bib – Buying Guide


A bib intended for use on a newborn will look different from one used for a toddler. This is because of the rapid growth the child will have. In the infancy stage while your baby is not on a solid diet, the job of the bib is to catch spit ups and drool from the teething and breastfeeding stage. This is different from a toddler aged baby who will need a heavier duty style that will allow independence during a messy and playful mealtime.

Health Concerns

You want what is best for your baby and that is why it is so important to check to ensure that your baby’s bib is made from non toxic healthy materials. Check for organic cotton, BPA and lead free finishings, as well as nickel free clasp closures. These all help to ensure that your baby stays safe. This is especially important because a lot of babies chew on their bibs as a form of comfort during the teething stage. Having a healthy material will give you peace of mind that your baby will be safe.


Every parent knows how fast babies can grow. Be sure to check that the bib you buy for your little one has an adjustable neck clasp that will grow with your baby. This will ensure that your child gets the most use out of the bib as possible.

My Babies Planet Overview

When looking for the best option for you, be sure to check out the many baby bib reviews associated with the product. All of the ones on our list have been tried and tested by many new parents to ensure that the quality design matches their busy babies. From multi-packs terry cloths to heavy duty silicone bibs we have covered them all. Now all that is left to do is decide what you would rather for your growing family.

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