Summer days should be filled with fun, laughter, and in the best cases, a warm beach that you and your child can visit together. The thing is, a baby’s skin tends to be more sensitive than an adult’s. Even when you cover them with a great amount of sunscreen, they will likely burn if they stay in the sun for hours. Thus, you need to get a baby beach tent before planning any field trip with the family.

Although the product is self-explanatory, one problem that parents complain about is that there are way too many options in the market today. If you have zero clues about the right features to look for in the best baby beach tents, you may end up with a tent that offers the least amount of protection. 

To avoid wasting your time and money on flimsy beach tents, allow us to share the best beach tents for babies that we have tried and tested.


How To Choose A Baby Beach Tent – Buying Guide

Sun Protection

In truth, babies from ages 0 to 6 months are not even allowed to get sunscreen because of the strong chemicals in the lotion. Because of that, your child’s tent should be able to provide sun protection in many ways. 

The first thing to look into is the fabric used to create the shade. Between nylon and polyester fiber, you should opt for the latter because it is more UV-resistant than the other. If your options are thick fabric and polyurethane, choose the former since it offers extra coverage compared to PU. And if your options are a bright green pop up and a dark blue shelter, go for the light-colored tent that will allow the sunlight to reflect instead of passing through the fabric.

Easy Setup

When you head to the beach for the day with your child, your only goal is to relax, swim, and perhaps watch the sunset. Of course, you will not neglect your parenting duties, but it is one of those occasions in which you do not mind if the baby spills baby food everywhere or does not want to sleep. Hence, the last thing you need is a beach tent that can be a pain to setup. 

With some of the best shades on the market, the typical set-up time can take place in mere seconds. Once you unzip its carry bag, you hold it up, unfold the material, and—presto!—your baby already has a makeshift playpen. 


A typical mistake that new parents make when buying a baby tent for the first time is that they keep on searching for the smallest size possible. They tend to say, “My little girl is less than a year old. She only needs a tent that’s fit for her and her favorite toys.”

Such an idea is problematic because you have forgotten to consider another person: yourself. Your baby’s mini canvas should have enough room for you to wiggle in so that you can change their clothes, feed them, and put them to sleep without taking the infant out of their shade. 


A beach is generally a windy place. You are out in the open; no buildings or walls are preventing the air from reaching you. The same cannot be said, however, for your baby once you put them in a beach tent. What you can do is make sure that that the tent you will purchase is well-ventilated.

Another factor to look for is a door that opens as wide as possible. Air can pass through this opening as well, so the infant can relax well in the tent. In case you are afraid of bugs feasting on your sleeping baby, some shades have mesh doors that can zip up. This way, the ventilation will not suffer. 


A beach tent has two parts that make it sturdy overall: the fabric and the limbs.

From the get-go, keep in mind that polyester and oxford fabrics are your best options. Some salespeople may tempt you into buying a dark nylon tent, but do not let them fool you. It will be even better if the heavy-duty canvases are coated with protective substances against water and sun damage. 

Since you will use the beach tent near saltwater, it is ideal to get one with aluminum to support its structure. When it comes to pop-up tents, the limbs should be flexible enough to handle the folding and unfolding that you will do. If your only choice is to assemble a mini cabana, then the poles should be thick, and the cords inside them should not snap easily.  


Some of the best beach shelters have plain flooring; others have an extendable area in the middle that can quickly turn into a mini pool for infants. 


In terms of a baby tent’s lifespan, it may please parents to know that their construction is no different from that of regular tents (except for their size, of course). The high-quality ones have multiple stitches on the seams; they make use of UV-resistant and heavy-duty fabrics. As long as you get a tent in which you and your baby can fit comfortably, there is low to zero probability of it breaking while your child is in there.

For added durability, you should place the tent on an area where no pointy rocks are sticking out of the sand. That will be hazardous not only for the beach tent but also for the infant who will take shelter in it. In case your only option is to set it up on the sand, you can layout a tarp before putting the shade down for extra protection.


The safety of a beach tent for babies typically relies on its features. Feel free to think of it like a vehicle that you have wanted to buy for some time now. You admire it not only for the external appearance but also for some characteristics that make it incomparable to others.

Here are a few features to look out for:

UV Protection

A lot of baby beach shelters tents claim to protect your precious little one from the harmful rays of the sun, but they honestly do slightly better than an umbrella. This is what you can expect from cheap shades.

High-end tents, on the other hand, are a different story. Apart from using heavy-duty materials, the canvas is usually weatherproofed so that it won’t break easily. If you see that its UPF rating is 50 and above, then you should not worry about sunburn at all.


When browsing for baby tents, the ease of setup is the next feature that you can never take for granted. It is not ideal to spend hours trying to figure out how to assemble a little shade, especially if you only have half a day to be at the beach. You need a tent that will allow you to set up and dismantle everything in seconds.

Without sounding biased, the only kind that we have seen to fall under this category is a pop-up tent. The parts have been pre-assembled; the bendy limbs are even stitched into the corners. Once you open the carrier, it will unfold almost on its own. There is no way to mess up the process.


Another way to know that you have the best tent in your hands is the fact that there are two or more pegs along with it. We do not even want to imagine the horror of leaving your baby’s tent not pegged on a firm ground, so make sure to use those stakes.


Some tents have additional features that parents may or may not care about. In places where mosquitoes roam, for instance, a safety net around the shelter is essential. In windy beaches, the canvas should be thick enough to prevent your baby from feeling chilly. 

A flooring that extends outwards and a shade over it are great add-ons as well.


Q: What Is A Baby Tent?

A: Baby tents are simply a mini version of the regular tents. It is a portable shade for infants that has a single door and three walls. Its primary purpose is to keep your little son or daughter safe from UV rays as you and the others sunbathe or run around the beach.

Q: Why Do I Need To Buy A Baby Tent?

A: A baby tent is a must-have if you plan on staying at the beach for hours. Getting this kind of shelter is better than opening a massive umbrella that strong winds can take away at any time. It also gives your infant a safe space to play or sleep in without the risk of sunburn.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Baby Tent?

A: One of the benefits of having a baby beach shelter is that you do not need to cover your child with sunscreen from head to toe. You can also shield them from light rains, which are frequent in the beaches. Best of all, with a waterproofed flooring, you get to make sure that water will not seep through it and make your child uncomfortable.

Q: Can I Use My BeachBaby Tent In My Backyard?

A: In reality, you can set up a beach tent for babies in your backyard during the entire summer and let your child have the time of their life.

Q: Are Beach Tents Safe?

A: Beach tents for infants are generally safe since many of them come in one piece and do not have pointy limbs. That said, you should use stakes to anchor the tent into the ground. No matter how sturdy its structure is, it won’t be impossible for strong winds to blow a tent away. This scenario can be traumatic for everyone, especially for the child who may still be in it. 

Some beach tents have mesh walls so that air can circulate inside the shade and prevent suffocating your baby. Others compensate for it by creating a door that is as big as one of the walls. Be sure to obtain a tent with either feature for ventilation purposes.

Q: How To Clean A Beach Tent?

A: There is no way for your baby’s shelter to last long enough if you store it away while still filled with sand or water. In case your baby’s food spilled on any part of it, scrub that spot alone. In case you can disassemble the tent, it is acceptable to wipe it down with a sponge. Just be careful when you do all of that to avoid ruining the tent.

Q: Is It Better To Take A Baby Tent Or Family Tent For The Entire Family?

A: There are advantages to taking separate tents for the baby and the older members of the family. Babies, to be specific, need a peaceful space for themselves, primarily when they are sleeping. Any movement in the tent may disturb them if they share it with others.

My Babies Planet Overview

Summer can make even the nicest day at the beach miserable if your baby gets a sunburn. With a baby beach tent fully assembled, though, they can have the protection they need and a private area as well. 

On that note, we hope that our guide to the best baby beach tents in the market can lead you to the most ideal one for your little one. While we know that your choice will ultimately come down to personal preference, if we can provide you with some helpful insights into buying a sling ring, we are glad to be of help in any way.

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