Having a baby does not mean that you have to give up all of your usual outdoor activities from one day to the next. On the contrary, with the correct readjustments not only can you still enjoy them, but they will even be more fun because you’ll be taking your little one with you. This is also a great way to get them used to being out in nature and foster a passion for the outdoors from a young age, something you can bond over while your children grow up.

The best all terrain stroller is a must have it you are considering taking your child out on long walks with you. These strollers are designed with sturdier wheels to withstand tougher rides that your usual downtown walk while keeping the baby inside nicely protected. There are many options on the market when it comes to the best off road strollers, so we have prepared a list of the top hiking strollers available today to help guide you towards making the best decision.


How To Choose An All Terrain Stroller – Buying Guide



Most all terrain strollers achieve an excellent stability thanks to three large and thick wheels. These are placed very far apart, to create a wide and stable platform for you to push the stroller with confidence, even over bumpy terrain. A feature that sets them apart from traditional strollers is that the front wheel can be locked into place, and this provides the extra stability you need if you intend to be jogging while pushing the stroller in front of you.

Ease Of Setting Up

When you’re out for a stroll with your child, the last thing you want to be doing is fighting with your baby stroller, since it’s very likely that you’ll already be dealing with a lot of other equipment such as bottles or spare diapers. Luckily, all terrain strollers are usually well designed for travel, and can be rapidly closed simply by pulling a conveniently placed strap, which sets them up almost immediately. Some models require you to connect the wheels but this is usually done with an easy to use quick-release mechanism.


One might be tempted to go straight for the heaviest strollers when making a decision on which one to buy, supposing that this will be a guarantee of added stability and strength. While this might be true to some extent, many lightweight strollers also perform very well in those categories thanks to the use of modern materials, and if you plan to be traveling around a lot the extra weight is likely to become a nuisance. Depending on your needs, therefore, you can decide if you prefer compromising on weight to save some trouble on the road or if you prefer safety and toughness over portability.

Car Seat Compatibility

Having an all terrain stroller with car seat can save you a great amount of trouble when you need to move your baby, since you don’t need to undo any straps to be ready to go after you’ve parked. They can usually be installed quickly on the stroller thanks to a simple locking mechanism. Most of the products you’ve read about in our all terrain stroller reviews are compatible with a car seat, although these usually have to be bought separately.


Having a good canopy is a crucial element of any stroller since it protects your baby from the sun’s rays in summer, or wind and rain in autumn and winter. Canopies fold back on themselves and almost disappear when not used, but area easy to extend when you need them. If the main seat is facing away from you as you push the stroller, many models incorporate a see-through window in the canopy to always let you keep an eye on your child.


On all terrain strollers wheels are always very big and thick, since they have to sustain rides of rough and uneven terrain. Many of them feature suspension systems that mimic those found on mountain bikes, to ensure the smooth rolling over any surface. Tires can be filled with air or sometimes foam, and this second option is preferable since it means that it will never go flat nor need to be inflated again, making it the perfect companion for outdoor rides.


With 5-point safety harnesses, the seats of all terrain strollers are made to be the safest they can be, for your baby to sit tightly and comfortably in every situation. They feature extensive padding and often have a front handrail where the child can rest his or her hands on. Footrests are also common, and can even feature reflective inserts to increase safety when the light levels descend. Should your child fall asleep while on the road, stroller seats can recline, sometimes to a completely flat position, to endure the maximum comfort for the little passenger.


Baby strollers don’t forget that there is always a parent behind them pushing the whole thing forward, so many come with handlebars that can be adjusted and repositioned to better fit each height and provide a comfortable ride even for those behind the wheels. This is especially useful for joggers, that can find the perfect fit that won’t slow them down as they push the stroller along and maintain their stride while running.


On all terrain strollers brakes are found on the handlebars and are always easy to reach for whoever is pushing. They let parents slow down immediately and, in the case of joggers, allow them to lock the front wheel with a simple click or twist, and be ready to start running at a moment’s notice.



Q: Do I Need An All Terrain Stroller?

A: If you’re passionate about the outdoors and don’t want to give it up when you have a child, then yes, an all terrain stroller is an excellent purchase for you. Trying to replicate the same effect with a traditional stroller or a flimsier one might be dangerous and counterproductive, especially on sand or gravel, so we recommend going for the real thing.

Q: What Is An All Terrain Stroller?

A: An all terrain baby stroller is a stroller that is built with tough enough wheels to let you roll also over uneven terrain and keep your baby comfortable. Jogging models usually combine this with the possibility of locking the front wheel to make it easier to govern while running.

Q: Do You Need Jogging Stroller For Walking?

A: If you’re only walking, then no, you don’t need a fully-featured jogging stroller, and a traditional one will do. If you’re someone who likes to switch between the two, however, it’s nice to have the option of locking the front wheel and starting to run.

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There are many choices available when it comes to strollers for parents who love the outdoors and want to share the experience with their child. We hope our overview of the best options on the market has helped you make up your mind, so from now on every outdoor trip can become an exciting family experience. 

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