BeArt Newborn Collection Presets Review

The Newborn Collection by BeArt is a set of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw presets as well as Photoshop actions designed specifically to make the editing of your baby photoshoot go much faster and give a nice, consistent look throughout the shoot. These tools enable you to edit your pictures in batch instead of going over them one by one and might just save you a lot of precious time that you can then dedicate to finding your next client.

When photographing a baby, you’re faced with the very important task of creating a memory for the parents of the moments when their child was at its most vulnerable and delicate. In those days, in their eyes, the child is the purest and most perfect being in the universe, so your photos have the difficult job of mirroring that sensation if they are to deserve to be printed and put in a frame.

Having a good batch of presets for your editing software is a common feature of any photographer who is worth his or her salt, and the Newborn Collection by BeArt is an excellent choice for those who want to stand out in this niche. It provides nice, buttery tones and helps achieve that pearly skin look that every parent is after for their child’s pictures. If you’re careful about your lighting and framing, the editing part will be a breeze.


The BeArt Newborn Collection of development lets you considerably speed up your workflow when you get home after a shoot and find yourself with hundreds of photos to search through. Using a preset allows you to automatically apply the same treatment to a whole batch of photos, giving you an excellent base to start from to make your final adjustments. If you’re just getting into photography, this might be an excellent way to quickly edit your photos without having to get too much into the details of how everything works. if you’re a pro and you’re looking for a unique style, this batch of presents can give you a very good starting point that already takes care of several steps in the process.

The presets are identified by a name which highlights their most specific feature. You will find items such as Matte 1 and 2 to give you that very trendy slightly faded look, Sharp if you’re looking for precise details, Color Shot if you want to colors to stand out and pop or Nice Look for a delicate and gentle touch. Many more options are there waiting for you to discover them, with several excellent black & white choices as well. Creating memorable photos which will live in the parent’s memories has never been easier, and you don’t even have to worry about your software of choice since the presets work both for Lightroom and Camera Raw, the two most widely used options. Compatibility for Lightroom is ensured for versions of the software that span several years in the past, so again it should not be of any problem, while for Photoshop you will need one of the latest Creative Cloud versions.

One more feature that the BeArt Newborn Collection provides is set of Photoshop actions that are designed to help you with the skin retouching as well as a number of Lightroom brushes you can install for the same reason, should you prefer to keep all your editing in one single software. On top of it all, you’ll be eligible for a lifetime of free updates once you get into the BeArt world. Here is a comprehensive list of all the features you will find in the BeArt Newborn preset Collection.

  • Wide choice of presets for different desirable looks
  • Fully adjustable settings after they have been applied
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4 to CC
  • Installation instructions included
  • Works on JPG and RAW images alike
  • Usable on PC and Mac alike
  • Lifetime free updates



Lightroom presets: 40, compatible with versions 4 to 7 as well as Classic and CC

Lightroom brushes: 15, compatible with versions 4 to 7 as well as Classic and CC

Photoshop actions: 40, compatible with all CC versions

Camera Raw Presets: 40, compatible with CS6 and later versions

OsX and Windows compatibility: Yes

User Experience

User_Experience_(3)Look: The looks that are achievable thanks to the BeArt Newborn Collection of presets are very pleasing to the eye and let you choose between a wide variety of different styles. Whether it’s contrast or smoothness you are after, you’ll find what you want or at least something that gets very close to it and that is easy to adjust to get where you need to be. The presets do an excellent job of giving the photos that soft, creamy and dreamy air that people expect out of newborn photoshoots but leave you ample room to customize the images and make your style unique. The brushes in Lightroom or the Actions in Photoshop also turn out to be powerful tools to make skin shine as you want it to.

Usability: Thanks to the detailed installation guide that you receive together with the link to download the presets, the BeArt Newborn Collection is easy and straightforward to install, regardless of your computer’s specifications. The extended compatibility with previous Lightroom and ACR versions may be a lifesaver for certain users. Not only that, but the updates are very easy to add once you get those and the presets can be applied with a simple click of the mouse. They are quick to load so you rapidly cycle through them and choose the one you like the most, and even if you are shooting JPG you’ll be able to achieve pleasing results.


  • Nice looking presets, easy to apply and customize
  • Installation instructions make your life easier
  • Excellent compatibility with older Lightroom and ACR versions


  • Limited compatibility for Photoshop Actions

Overall Rating


Look: 98% – With the BeArt Newborn Collection presets you get what you expect, and the presets do exactly what they advertise. You will see your photo editing take a sharp turn for the better once you start implementing these into your workflow. If you’re careful about composition, lighting and expressions, you’ll find that there is not much left to do once you’ve clicked on a preset and you’ll immediately see the picture get that extra push that just takes it one step further. 

Usability: 99% – What’s simpler than a click? Installing and applying the BeArt Newborn Collection set of presets is an easy and straightforward process that will quickly lead you to better editing results. The presets already look good without any tweaking, but they remain fully adjustable and customizable once you’ve applied them so you can really make your photos stand out. These will be especially appreciated by amateurs that might feel intimidated by the amount of sliders that you find in photo editing softwares, but pros will also enjoy having a set of presets that does so much of the work for them.

Price: 98% – Once you start talking about photography, the price tags you see written next to some pieces of equipment are high enough to make your head spin. Luckily, if you’ve already managed to install Lightroom or Photoshop on your computer, adding the excellent set of presets of the BeArt Newborn Collection will cost you next to nothing. Having this amount of tools at your fingertips for this little money is not very common in the photography industry, so this product deserves high marks for setting such an impressive standard.

Overall: 98% – For those that are just getting into newborn photography, or for the seasoned pro who is trying to find a new spark in his work, the BeArt Newborn Collection presents can be a significant push forward for your pictures. Should you just choose to apply them and keep the result or use them as a launching pad to take your editing further, you’ll find a reliable set of tools that make is easier to make your work have that little extra something that will make it stand out from the crowd.

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The BeArt Newborn Collection presets for Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop can be a very worthy addition to your photography tools, and something that will help a great deal in finding a unique look for your images. Remember, however, that photography is about telling a story through light, framing, composition and expressions, so only relying on your editing won’t make you go far. If you’re looking for the sharpest tools in that department though, you won’t go wrong with the BeArt Newborn Collection and it might give you the necessary inspiration to improve your craft all around. 


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BeArt Newborn Collection Presets Review
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