3 Wheel VS. 4 Wheel Stroller: Comparison Guide


After picking a baby monitor and your nursery, the baby stroller is probably your priority. But, with all the different styles and brands of strollers available, it is very easy to become confused. This is also when the ever-lasting debate of whether to choose 3 wheels vs 4 wheel stroller. Usually, moms opt for a four-wheeler, but the list of possibilities has increased with the rise of its competitor. 

Keep reading to see how these compare and to understand better whether to choose 3 or 4 wheel stroller for your baby. There are a few differences that will help you make your choice and decision process a bit easier. 

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Stroller – Important Factors 

Besides the 3 wheels vs 4 wheel stroller comparison, there are some important factors that you need to think about when buying a stroller. These are important to mention and you should keep them in mind no matter what option you choose to go for. 


Make your checks when buying, even though manufacturers are obliged to follow safety standards. For example, your toddler will have a much harder time to unfasten a five-point harness. Check the frame for any finger traps and make sure to test the brakes for a secure hold. 


Do you live for the great outdoors or you consider yourself to be an urban mom? You need to make sure that the stroller you chose fits your daily routine. Aim to get the most use from it to avoid being forced to buy two strollers for different purposes. 

Ease of Use

The stroller you chose needs to be simple to store, transport, and fold. You can maybe opt for a lightweight stroller if you think you will struggle to lift a stroller to your car. When it comes to steering, the easier it is the better. Optimally, you should aim for a stroller that you can steer with just one hand. 


When deciding on whether to buy 3 or 4 wheel stroller, comfort is always one of the important factors. A seat that can be fully reclined is always a better option if you have a sleeper on your side. Also, adjustable handlebars will make steering much easier and you will probably avoid unwanted back pain. 


Keep in mind any extras you think are necessary. For example, a shopping basket, wet weather gear, sun canopy, or cup holders. Yes, you can save some money if you miss these, but think about if it is worth it. You will have to carry a separate bag in that case, which will just make everything harder and less enjoyable. 


Kids just don’t stay clean for too long, no matter how hard you try. The same goes for the stroller. Check whether the seats on your stroller can be removed and washed in a machine. If so, make sure to do it or you’ll have to clean the stroller all the time from stains and dirt. Also, check the user’s manual whether there’s any special regular maintenance required for the stroller to work properly. 


Not all strollers are suitable for newborns. Check with the manufacturer about the age restrictions. Some models have compatible infant carriers or padded inserts for newborns, so you can always pick those. 

Q: What is better 3 wheel or 4 wheel stroller?


A: Three-wheel strollers are less stable than four-wheel ones and they are more likely to tip. Also, four-wheelers are usually cheaper too which is the reason why there are a lot of four-wheel travel strollers. On the other hand, three-wheel strollers are usually better looking and easier to maneuver with thanks to their specific design. 

Q: What’s the difference between 3 and 4 wheel strollers?

A: It is relatively easier to steer a 3-wheeler than its competitor. Also, it is generally easier to push a three-wheel stroller with just one hand. Four-wheel strollers offer a more stable ride and are more affordable. They are also packed with more extra features due to their bulkiness and available storage space. 

Three-Wheel Strollers 

Active Parents Love Them 

Ditching the baby weight is always important, and jogging or running is a great way to achieve that. So, if you can’t decide whether to opt for 3 or 4 wheel stroller, go for the first one if you want to work out with your kid in the tow. 

Check some jogging strollers if you want to get back into shape. Their oversized wheels and superior suspension will keep your baby calm and provide a smooth ride while you stay active. 

Suitable for Different Terrains

The terrain is very important when it comes to 3 wheels vs 4 wheel stroller debate. Most of the 3-wheelers can tackle all types of surfaces with ease. Off-roading is where they shine, whether you’re on a rocky road, grassy park, sandy beach, or out on the trails. 

Your precious cargo is protected from dips and bumps thanks to the suspension on three-wheel strollers. The wheels are a lot larger too compared to traditional ones. They are similar to bicycle tires, made from rubber and filled with air. This is what absorbs the impact when on uneven ground. 


Three-wheeled type is probably the way to go if you’re fed up with stiff stroller handling. Weaving around obstacles is much easier thanks to the swiveling front wheel. It allows smooth cornering by spinning for 360 degrees. You will have one of your hands-frees most of the time since the steering is very easy to control.

The Looks

You will most likely opt for a three-wheeler if aesthetics are important to you. Most of the models are sporty and stylish, separating them from four-wheelers even in that aspect. If you check what type of strollers most celebrities use – it is three-wheelers. 

Q: Why do jogging strollers have 3 wheels?

A: Jogging strollers have 3 wheels to increase stability and maneuverability. Two back wheels are bigger while the front one can swivel for 360 degrees, making steering very easy. Also, the wheels are made of rubber and they are air-filled. This means that they can deal with all types of terrain, as well as bumps and dips. 

Four-Wheel Strollers


There’s always a big debate when it comes to 3 wheels vs 4 wheel stroller stability. Most of the time, four-wheelers are more stable for longer rides. The chances of tipping over are very small since the weight is distributed evenly. 

Think about where you plan on using your stroller and take it as a stability factor. You should always have two wheels on the ground if you will be bumping up and down curbs while navigating your neighborhood. 

Selection and Affordability

Should you opt for a 3 or 4 wheel stroller if you’ve got a budget in mind? Well, four-wheelers usually have a greater selection with plenty of features without losing on quality. The most expensive ones are those with whistles and bells. But, less expensive alternatives are also available and they offer very similar functionality. 

Broader type choices are also available since four-wheelers are considered the original style. These include umbrella strollers, as well as multi-seat travel systems. So, no matter what your budget is, there are always plenty of models to choose from with such an extensive range. If you have a wish list of features you want on a stroller, you will probably choose a four-wheeler. 

Storage and Folding 

These strollers take up less room in the trunk of your car when you collapse them. Also, they tend to be much easier to fold, often taking only a few seconds to do so. Besides, most four-wheel strollers are lighter in weight. So, if you’re frequently traveling, there’s no need to think further whether to buy a 3 or 4 wheel stroller. Some four-wheel strollers are so compact that they can be fitted in a backpack when you fold them up. 

Q: Can you jog with a 4 wheel stroller?

A: It is not recommended to jog with a 4 wheel stroller. This is not what these strollers are made for. Stability is necessary when running with your child, and a four-wheeler can’t offer that. They can tip very easily and their wheels become wobbly at a higher speed which is why they can’t be trusted. 

My Babies Planet Overview

When it comes to 3 wheels vs 4 wheel stroller debate and which one you should pick, always think about your preferences, lifestyle, and your baby’s comfort. Are you into jogging and always on rough terrain? Opt for a three-wheeler. If stability and extra features are your preferences, four-wheeler might be a better choice for you. 

No matter what choice you make, it is important to keep your baby safe in the stroller and prevent tipping. Keep in mind to use safe brakes whenever you stop to avoid injuries. Tuck your baby in and have a great ride!

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