23 Month Old Baby Milestones And Development – New Parents Guide


Resistance to change is very common among toddlers. A new sissy cup or a new caregiver will probably stress your baby out. In these situations, you need to offer understanding and support and maintain stability in other parts of his life. Only this way you will be able to reach 23 month old milestones together in a healthy way!

In contrast, toddlers love repetition. This is why you will have to play that kids playlist a billion times. Embrace this behavior and support your baby’s learning experience. Keep reading to find out more about 23 month old development milestones! 

What You Should Know 

  • Staying active is the most important thing for healthy development now. Come up with new games and activities so both of you have a fun time together!
  • You will go to a regular checkup next month. Start noting any strange behaviors or patterns you might want to say to your baby’s pediatrician. 
  • Lower and upper second molars are erupting and your baby might be going through teething pain. Do your best to soothe her and find the best solution. 
  • That little chatterbox is now talking all the time. Keep reading a lot of books and teach your child new words as he is listening now better than before. 

Important 23 Month Old Milestones

Your little one is making verbal and physical leaps and bounds, and the progress she’s made so far is making you smile all the time. Just a year ago she was still attached to your hip. Nowadays, she learned out a lot, grown taller, and is much more active and verbal. Stay supportive and help your baby hit 23 month old milestones in time! 

The median height for boys this age is 34.2 inches and 33.7 inches for girls, according to the World Health Organization. When it comes to weight, the median numbers are 26.3 pounds for boys and 25.9 pounds for girls. Your baby will have a regular 2-year checkup next month and you will get exact measurements then whether she’s gone through an average 23 month old development. 

23  Month Old Skills and Milestones 

  • Speech – Most babies know between 50-100 words at this age. You might notice that your little one is listening closely now, which helps him a lot to learn new words easier. Two to four words sentences are also very common for toddlers during this time. 
  • Motor skills – Walking backward, kicking a ball, and balancing on one foot while holding onto something should be a piece of cake for your 23 month old. Start checking for tricycle prices as you might have to buy one very soon! 
  • Potty training– Your toddler might start showing readiness signs for potty training. If you feel she is prepared you can start with it. But, keep in mind that it is still early as most kids are not ready to get rid of diapers until they’re about 2.5 years old. 
  • Teething – This is a peak month for upper and lower second molars to start erupting. Make sure you offer teething toys to your baby and hope they will help her with pain. 
  • Behavior – Dealing with new and challenging behaviors will sometimes cause you headaches. Still, you have to learn how to cope with separation anxiety and tantrums that are probably stronger than they ever were before. 
  • Autism – You will be asked a series of questions at the upcoming 2-year checkup about your child’s behavior. Your answers will help doctors to eliminate autism as a potential threat. Still, if you notice multiple autism signs make sure you contact your doctor before the checkup. 
  • Separation anxiety – Toddlers will start to slowly figure out that they won’t get a hard punishment for their behavior. Still, make sure you stick to the routine and show that tears are not going to change anything. Keep goodbyes sweet and short and be very specific with details. 
  • Approval – Learning positive behavior is crucial for your child’s 23 month old development process. You can achieve this by introducing a new reward system and come up with consequences for bad behavior. 
  • Health issues – Mild illnesses are very common among toddlers. Consult your doctor to get adequate advice on how to deal with your baby’s diarrhea, constipation, and fever

23 Month Old Food 

Curb your expectations when feeding your 23 month old toddler. They might seem to reject food one day and then totally love it the next. Also, they eat a lot less than other family members. You need to make sure your little sidekick gets all the necessary nutrients to keep on with a healthy 23 month old development. 

Three meals and two snacks per day is optimal for toddlers this age. Feed your baby whenever you’re eating too. Start teaching her to use her baby spoon without help. Make sure your fridge has a variety of foods in it – fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein. Offering a variety of foods is crucial at this stage of development as your child needs a lot of nutrients. 

23 Month Old Sleep Schedule and Routine


Hiccups in the usual routine are common when it comes to sleep. Teething and stress might cause your baby to not sleep well. Still, you need to do your best to stick to the routine you’ve set. 

23-month-olds need about 13-14 hours of sleep per day. Optimally, your little one will get about 10-12 hours of sleep during the night and one nap of 2-3 hours during the day. If you can achieve this you can be sure that your baby will reach 23 month old milestones easier. 

Sleep regression is also common among 23 month olds. Change in sleep routine, separation anxiety, and teething all have their impact on it. You need to help your baby to get through it, but to do so, you will have to know the root of the problem. 

You should try to teach your baby to fall asleep on her own. This will help her to fall back asleep if she wakes up during the night without having to wake you up or coming to your bedroom. Make your baby’s room comfortable and use noise machines if needed. Try introducing your baby to sleeping on beds slowly and try to get rid of the crib.

23 Month Old Activities 

There are lots of ways to stay active and have fun together now that your toddler is steady on his feet. These are some of the toys, games, and activities both you and your baby will find fun: 

  • Pull toys – Since your baby is now walking more than ever she is ready to pull wheeled toys and wagons with a handle. 
  • Walking games – If you don’t have a stroller with you you can come up with different walking games when you two are out. For example, ask your baby not to step on the cracks and watch her try her best!
  • Tricycle – This is a great time to start teaching your baby to pedal. Look for a tricycle that’s designed for toddlers this age and introduce it to your little one. 

When Should You be Worried 

There’s no reason to panic if your little one is developing slightly slower than other kids. She will eventually get back to normal, it just takes time. Still, contact your doctor if you notice these symptoms:

  • Not interested in food for a longer period
  • Lack of empathy
  • Stiff head
  • Difficulties walking and talking
  • Difficulties hearing 

My Babies Planet Overview

Reaching 23 month old milestones will be much easier if both of you show interest and reasoning. Expect some challenging behaviors, but things will be better than previous months since your baby will start understanding what she’s doing wrong. Staying active is the most important thing now as you two will go to a regular checkup next month. Eat healthily, stay active, and get enough sleep and you will see good results in no time!

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