22 Month Old Baby Milestones And Development – New Parents Guide


Your toddler is not in the center of her universe. Babies are usually very bad at sharing and taking turns at this age, and sometimes they seem they’re downright rude. But, you need to keep your model proper behavior by staying cool so your child can see what she’s supposed to be doing. Don’t worry, she will catch on very soon, for now, focus on your baby’s 22 month old milestones and her development. 

As your baby grows, new skills will develop and stopping her from doing something will result in a lot of frustration. Keep on reading to find out more about your baby’s 22 month old development process. 

What You Should Know 

  • As your baby hits 22 month old milestones she will learn new skills and start being more independent. This can lead to separation anxiety and tantrums, so make sure to learn to deal with them. 
  • Another peek month for upper and lower second molars. Be ready for teething problems and maybe even some sleepless nights. Do whatever you can to help your baby to ease the pain. 
  • Babies know about 50 words at this age, so your little chatterbox might be asking a lot of questions by now. Be patient and answer to all of them, even if it doesn’t seem they make sense. 
  • Motor skills are very well developed by now and your child is more active than ever before. Let her play with other kids to develop social, as well as motor skills further. 

Important 22 Month Old Milestones

According to the World Health Organization, the median height for 22 month olds is 33.9 inches for boys and 33.4 inches for girls. When it comes to weight, the average numbers are about 25.9 pounds for boys and 25.4 pounds for girls. Compare your child’s measurements to other kids to see if she is on a good way to hit 22 month old milestones in time. 

22 Month Old Skills and Milestones 

As your little one nears his second birthday he will be working on to hit these milestones: 

  • Speech – Babies this age should know about 50 words. Those who develop slightly faster have even up to 100 words in their vocabulary. 
  • Motor skills – Your little one should be walking by this age very confidently. Also, running, walking backward, and kicking a ball shouldn’t be a problem too. 
  • Potty training– Some babies will be interested in potty training at this age. You can help by providing your baby with a potty and some simple instructions on how to use it. But, if you think your baby is ready, potty training can only positively impact your 22 month old development. 
  • Teething – Upper and lower second molars usually start erupting at this age. This might cause some teething discomfort which can lead to restless nights. Make sure you have teething toys and teething gels to help your baby ease the pain. 
  • Behavior – You will most likely have to deal with different challenging behaviors as your child gets older. Separation anxiety and tantrums usually are the biggest problems for young parents. Learn how to deal with meltdowns and hysteria. Don’t worry, this is just a normal phase during your baby’s 22 month old development. 
  • Autism signs – As the two-year checkup is coming close you might want to start writing down your child’s behavior, especially if you notice anything strange. You will be asked a series of questions at the checkup and your doctor will tell you whether your baby is on ADS afterward. 
  • Approval – You probably started noticing that your baby is aware of your approval and disapproval by now. Use this to your advantage and learn your baby some positive behaviors by using a reward system. 
  • Health – Parents are usually concerned bout mild illnesses such as constipation, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. Consult with your baby’s pediatrician to get advice on what you can do to help your little sidekick in these situations.  

Q: What should 22 months old be saying?

A: Average toddlers this age have 20-50 words in their vocabulary. Most of their language consists of 2-word phrases by now such as “let’s go” and “all done”. You can expect your little one to start asking questions about almost everything very soon. Continue to work on your baby’s language by reading books and introducing new words every week. 

Q: How can I help my 22 month old talk?

A: Focus on two-way communication as much as you can. Ask simple questions and wait for your baby to answer. Make sure you talk in your adult voice to help your baby develop a normal tone of voice. Relax and be patient and talk slowly. Read a lot of books and introduce new words to your baby each week. 

Q: Why are my 22 months old so clingy?

A: Your child is learning new skills and becoming more independent each day. This leads to separation anxiety, which is the most common problem for clinginess in babies. You need to find reasoning and look at the root of the problem to solve it. Also, your baby may be clingy if she’s looking for information she’s not receiving. 

Q: What are the signs of autism in a 22 month old?

A: Make sure you contact your doctor if you notice that your baby talks in an unusual tone or are still babbling. Unusual hand and body movements might also be signs of autism. Besides, sensory sensitivities, no signs of interest to explore new things and activities might also be good reasons to talk to your baby’s pediatrician. 

22 Month Old Food 

The key to a healthy 22 month old development is food variety. Make sure you serve veggies and chicken even if you know she will eat only rice. Offer healthy food whenever you’re having a meal and she will eventually start consuming it, even if she doesn’t like it. Three meals and two snacks per day is optimal for both you and your baby. Portions are still small at this age. Normal portions for a toddler this age is about ¼ of your serving size. 

Q: How much milk should a 22 month old drink?

A: If your baby is not getting calcium from other foods, make sure you get her about 3 8-ounce cups of whole milk every day. This will get her enough calcium to get through the day and won’t fill her stomach too much. Too much milk can slow down processing other ingredients in babies. 

22 Month Old Sleep Schedule and Routine


Babies need about 13-14 hours a day for a problem 22 month old development. This means that 10-12 hours of nighttime sleep and 2-3 hours of napping is optimal for toddlers. 

Make sure you stick to a sleep routine to avoid sleep regression. Separation anxiety and teething can make this very hard and you might have to change sleeping patterns. However, it is very important to find the root of the problem and get back to the usual sleep routine to avoid further complications. Set limits and let your child get back on track. 

Start thinking about transitioning to bed from a crib and see if it works. If your baby can’t fall asleep on her own, try using noise machines, but try not to be the one that will cuddle her to sleep. 

Q: What time should a 22 month old go to bed?

A: Babies that are 22 months old should go to bed between 6:00 and 7:30 PM every day. You need to come up with the right schedule and stick to it so your baby sleeps at the same time. This is very important to help her reach 22 month old milestones in time and in a healthy way. 

22 Month Old Activities 

Playtime will help your baby to develop new skills. Staying active is essential for healthy development, so make sure you introduce some of these games and toys:

  • Musical instruments – Introduce a piano, drums, or xylophone and let your baby make some noises. 
  • Riding toys – Pushcarts, wagons, and car toys will keep your little toddler very busy during playtime.
  • Pretend play – Play food, toy cash registers, vehicles, and dress-up clothes are very popular among babies this age. 

When Should You be Worried 

During development, you might notice that your child is not developing as fast as some other babies. Don’t worry as this is not a reason to panic. But, if you notice these symptoms make sure to contact your pediatrician:

  • No appetite for a longer period
  • Lack of empathy
  • Not interested in socializing
  • Poor communication
  • No affection

My Babies Planet Overview

Hopefully, your baby is growing in size and reaching 22 month old milestones in time. It will make you happy when you notice that she’ showing her personality as she starts to get more independent. Some challenging behavior is still present, but you’ve learned to cope with it by now, fortunately. Teething problems might cause you to have some sleepless nights. 

You must let your child socialize with other kids at this age. Hug her and take her to the park to have a great time together!

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