24 Month Old Baby Milestones And Development – New Parents Guide


Your toddler is now sorting stuff into categories, playing pretend, and understands simple abstract concepts. She’s also whiny sometimes and is still dealing with separation anxiety a bit, but she’s getting more verbal every day. Tantrums still occur from time to time, but she also likes to do things for herself. Still, the hard work is paying off and your baby is reaching 2 year old milestones in time!

The best part is that your little one is starting to show emotions like joy and love. She’s amazed by you and loves to spend time together with her friends and family. Keep reading to find out more about 24 month old milestones and development!

What You Should Know

  • Another regular checkup month is here. You will visit your baby’s pediatricians and her measurements and weight will be taken. A position on the growth chart will be provided. 
  • Your little one might be ready for potty training. It is a good idea to start introducing the topic so she gets familiar with it and start to consider ditching the diapers
  • Emotions are starting to be much more noticeable. Your baby is showing much more affection and love than before and you should encourage and reward that behavior. 
  • Separation anxiety is still there causing stress for both of you. But, it is starting to get better and you’re starting to learn how to effectively cope with it. 

Important 2 Year Old Milestones

You might find out that your baby’s confidence is growing day by day. This means that trying new things starts being more interesting and that she’s becoming braver. But, this also means that your limits and patience will be put to a test. 

According to the World  Health Organization, the average height for boys this age is 34.2 inches and 33.5 inches for girls. When it comes to weight, the median numbers are 27.5 pounds for boys and 26.5 pounds for girls. 

This is a regular checkup month, so your baby’s pediatrician will measure and weigh her. You will be reassured that your baby is hitting 2 year old milestones in time. Also, the doctors will provide you with your baby’s position on the growth chart. 

2 Year Old Skills and Milestones

These are the most important 24 month old milestones you and your baby should be working on: 

  • Speech – Toddlers this age usually know 50-100 words. Two-word and four-word phrases are also common among children when they’re 2, but don’t worry if your baby is not yet there. If your baby’s not talking as much as expected she might be checked for hearing problems. 
  • Motor skills – Your little one is probably walking, running, and dancing with ease by now. Expect her to start walking up the stairs one foot at a time soon. Jumping with both feet at once is also something that a lot of toddlers age 2 can do. 
  • Potty training – It might be a good idea to start ramping potty training efforts once your baby is 2 years old. Even better if you notice readiness signs in your baby. These signs are usually her wanting you to change her wet diaper, telling you she needs to go, and generally showing interest in the potty. If she stays dry for two hours straight you are in a good way. Still, there’s no need to rush since a lot of kids aren’t completely ready for it until they’re 2.5 years old. 
  • Teething – Expect teething discomfort as upper second molars will probably poke through by the second birthday. Make sure you have teething gels and teething toys around the house to help your baby with the pain. 
  • Behavior – New behaviors will start showing as your baby turns 2. Tantrums are still present, but not as persistent as they were before. But, you probably know how to deal with this problem by now and that will be useful to help your baby reach 2 year old milestones easier. 
  • Separation anxiety – Separating from mom or dad can be tough for a lot of 2-year-olds. However, you need to show your baby that tears won’t change anything, as hard as it is. When separating, make goodbyes sweet but short. Reassure your little one that you will be back very soon and stay specific with details. 
  • Emotion – Toddlers have big feelings when at this age. You will probably be going to convince her not to get angry or cheer her up. But don’t worry too much about it. Just teach her to use words to explain what’s wrong so you both know how to act. Learning to handle negative emotions is crucial and acknowledgment is a very important step towards that. 
  • HealthConstipation, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea are the most common health concerns for young parents. Consult with your baby’s pediatrician to get the best advice on dealing with these conditions. Maintaining your child’s health is very important for reaching 24 month old milestones in time. 

Q: What should a 24 month old be doing?

A: Babies at this age should walk up and down the stairs, run, and jump in place pretty well. Also, building towers with cubes and scribbling on a piece of paper should be very interesting activities for 2 year old toddlers. Besides, it would be great if your baby could learn to remove clothes without anyone’s help.

Q: How many words should a 24 month old be able to say?

A: Your baby should use about 50 words regularly by 24 months. Still, some babies who develop slightly faster have up to 100 words in the vocabulary. Two-word and four-word phrases might start to pop off and you can expect your baby to start asking meaningful questions soon. Consult with a doctor if your baby has difficulties talking. 

Q: What milestones should a 2 year have?

A: Developing adequate motor skills is very important at this age. Besides, learning to socialize and showing affection are also important. Decent vocabulary is also desirable as that’s what will make it easier for your baby to let you know her feeling. This will then lead to better anger management and more time for fun activities!

2 Year Old Food 

One of the more noticeable 24 month old milestones is that your child is switching to skim or 1% milk this month. Other changes in the menu are not so huge. Try introducing low-fat dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Stick to the same 700mg calcium per day routine. Don’t exaggerate with fats as they should account for less than 30% of your baby’s calories. 

Continue with three meals and two snacks per day schedule. Keep a variety of foods on the table – fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein. Your toddler’s portions are about ¾ smaller than yours so be careful with them. About 40 calories per inch of your baby’s height are the average recommended daily intake. 

The key to a healthy diet is variety. Toddlers should eat three tablespoons of protein, ¼ cup grains, and 1 cup of veggies and fruit per day. 

If your baby is only choosing brown and white foods and turning down nutritious foods, don’t worry too much. Even though a healthy diet is crucial for reaching 2 year old milestones, toddlers are usually picky and won’t eat everything you offer them. Make sure you have nutritious food on your table and keep explaining why they’re the best option. Prepare and choose food together with your baby, lead by example, and model healthy eating behaviors. Your baby will start eating different foods eventually, but that takes time. 

2 Year Old Sleep Schedule and Routine


As your baby gets older her afternoon nap will get shorter, and that’s perfectly fine. Still, keep in mind that total sleep time should stay the same to reach 2 year old milestones healthily. Think about putting your baby to bed earlier if she had a shorter nap than usual that day. 

Most toddlers this age need 13-14 hours of sleep per day. This means that your baby will sleep for about 10-12 hours during the night and the afternoon nap should be about 2-3 hours long. Try to stick to the same sleeping schedule to hit 24 month old milestones easier. 

You will sometimes get tired of your baby’s late-night wake-ups. Babies often throw their parents for a loop when they sense a change in the sleep routine. Regression happens even in babies who were good sleepers before they started being more active during the day. If you had a holiday trip where your baby’s routine changed you can expect regression. Illness and teething are among common causes too. 

To get your child get through it you need to find the root of the problem and come up with a solution. Start using noise machines if you already don’t and stick with the same routine. Set limits and help your child get back to the usual snoozing routine. 

It might not be a bad idea to start introducing your baby to sleeping in a bed if she’s still using a crib. Start lowering her crib mattress and see whether if she’s safe that way. 

Q: Is there a 24 month sleep regression?

A: Yes, sleep regression still happens at this age. Still, you need to understand that it is not about you, but rather your baby has lost sense of the sleep routine. You need to do whatever you can to get her back on track since sleeping is crucial for hitting 2 year old milestones in time. 

2 Year Old Activities 

Staying active is necessary for hitting 24 month old milestones with ease. Kids are usually interested in building, coloring, and socializing at this age. Your little one is probably playing independently a lot more than she used to, and that’s great news. Try to take your baby to social events whenever you can and let her socialize with other kids. Learning to socialize is as important as learning to walk and talk. 

Introduce some of these fun games, activities, and toys to make a day much more interesting for both of you:

  • Imaginative play – Let your baby play with stuffed animals, trains, cars, and dolls. All of these activities have a positive impact on your baby’s brain development and may lead to some great stories inside her head. Make sure that there are no small parts on the toys your baby is using since toddlers are prone to putting everything they touch in their mouths. 
  • Building blocks – All Lego-type blocks are excellent for defining better motor and psychological skills. Another great reason to get your baby building blocks is that she will need to learn to keep them in one place – teach her to clean after she makes a mess. 
  • Crayons – If you think your baby has artistic nature inside her make sure you get her a pack of crayons and some printing paper. Your little one will love this activity as it lets her express her imagination to full potential. 

Physical activity is as important as playing for healthily reaching 24 month old milestones. Make sure your baby is regularly playing outside and that she stays active during all of her wake hours. 

When Should You be Worried 

During your baby’s development, she might encounter some difficulties that other kids might not. Still, she will get back on track with your help in no time. If you notice these symptoms make sure to talk to your pediatrician:

  • No appetite
  • Tantrums you can’t control
  • Stiff head
  • Strange bumps
  • Lack of empathy

My Babies Planet Overview

This is a month for another regular doctor checkup where it will be determined whether your baby is hitting those 2 year old milestones in time. She is now more active than ever before and her independence puts a big smile on your face. Still, occasional anxiety and tantrums might give you headaches, but you will eventually sort it out, you always do.

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