19‌ ‌Month‌ ‌Old‌ ‌Baby‌ ‌Milestones‌ ‌And‌ ‌Development‌ ‌-‌ ‌New‌ ‌Parents‌ ‌Guide‌ ‌


This is the time when your baby might start asking for the screen time. Babies see what parents do and want to do the same, so you have to understand them. Doctors say that babies at this age shouldn’t get more than 45 minutes of screen time during the day, so an episode or two of Paw Patrol or Mickey is more than enough. These shows can educate your baby and help to reach 19 month old milestones easier. 

Besides, dealing with separation anxiety and tantrums is now a daily routine. You need to get used to it and learn how to cope with those problems. In this article, we will talk about important milestones and how to help your baby with a 19 months old development process. 

What You Should Know 

  • Your baby is getting more and more independent each day. Eventually, you will start noticing her personality and that will put a big smile on your face! 
  • Teething might be a big problem during this month since it is a peak month for cuspids and molars. Sooth your baby and be prepared for some sleepless nights. 
  • Walking is now a piece of cake for your little sidekick and you can expect her to be all around the house. Make sure you supervise her to make sure she doesn’t get hurt when climbing or running. 
  • You might have a chatterbox at your side, so be patient and teach your child new words each week. Expect two words phrases soon and the use of more complicated words! 

Important 19 Months Old Milestones

You will be amazed at what pace your baby is mastering and learning new skills each week. Besides, you will start noticing your toddler’s personality in everything. It will get more obvious whether your baby is careful and daring as their personality starts showing up. Having her own opinion about things is very important for 19 months old development process. 

The median height of a baby at this age is 32.8 inches for a boy and 32.2 inches for a girl, according to the World Health Organization. When it comes to weight, the average numbers are 24.6 pounds for boys and 23.9 pounds for girls. Your baby is growing in size each day and you will notice that on your baby’s clothes. 

19 Month Old Skills and Milestones 

Here are some of the 19 month old milestones your baby should hit or at least work on them during this time:

  • Speech – Your little sidekick is probably using about 20 words by now. If your baby has difficulties talking it doesn’t have to be a necessary concern, but make sure you talk up with your pediatrician about it. Hearing problems are a common cause of speech delay. 
  • Walking – At this point, your baby is probably running, climbing, and bending. Her motor skills have gone a lot better in the past few months and you should encourage her to keep going forward! 
  • Potty Training – Start getting ready for the potty training. Slowly introduce the topic to your child and read on it as much as you can. If you’re lucky enough, your baby will ditch the diapers soon and start learning how to use a potty. 
  • Teething – Lower second molars and upper cuspids will start breaking through during this period. This means that you will have to watch out for discomfort and try to ease the pain by offering teething toys. Teething problems might also cause a lack of sleep, so some sleepless nights are also a very common thing. 
  • Behavior – If you can calm your baby when it is acting strange you will reach one of the most important 19 month old milestones! Babies can be challenging during this period due to separation anxiety and tantrums. When it comes to anxiety, kids are more aware of their surroundings at this age and will notice that you’re not around. This can lead up to a scene, especially if your baby has a fever or if it is tired. Just reassure your baby that you will always be back to make her less anxious. 
  • Tantrums – When it comes to tantrums, babies are still learning to regulate their emotions and to communicate during this period. As it takes time for these skills to develop, your baby might be upset from time to time. This is why you will have to help your baby when it is frustrated by explaining that everything is fine. Regulating tantrums is crucial for a healthy 19 months old development. 
  • Social skills – Playing with others and sharing can still be a challenge for a lot of babies. If this happens in your case, praise positive behavior and teach your child what’s acceptable and what’s not. 
  • Manners – Your baby might pick up some basic manners if you lead by example. This will usually show up in the form of words “scoosme”, “tankoo”, and “peas”. 
  • Health – Encountering mild healthy problems is common for this age. The most common health issues and concerns parents have are about constipation, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and coughing at night

Q: Should a 19 month old be talking?

A: Talking is one of the most important 19 month old milestones. However, don’t be surprised if your baby isn’t talking too much. The learning curve is huge and it might take time for some kids to talk clearly. Still, babies should know at least 5-10 simple words at this age. Ideally, your child will know 20 words by 19 months. 

Q: When should you worry if your child is not talking?

A: Not talking too much is not necessarily a concern. However, if your baby is not talking, but is also not using gestures, such as pointing at things or waving you might want to talk to your pediatrician. Also, if there ‘s a problem with imitating sounds or understanding simple words you wan to bring that up to your doctor. 

19 Month Old Food

You will notice that your baby has become more independent with eating too. This is great news as teaching your baby to use her baby spoon will help her hit 19 month old milestones promptly. 

Use the same eating routine you’ve been using for the past few months – 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Make sure your baby is eating when you’re eating too to teach her to act socially acceptable when eating. 

When it comes to milk intake, about 3 8-ounce cups per day will be enough if there’s no other calcium source. Your baby needs about 700mg of calcium and roughly about 1,000 calories every day. Go slow if you’re in the process of weaning your child from breastfeeding. Give up on a single nursing session each week until your baby is completely ready for solid foods. Also, stopping too fast may cause infections and plugged milk ducts. 

Keep your fridge full and offer your baby a variety of foods with each meal. When it comes to snacks, it is best to offer fruit or dried fruit. There’s nothing better than this since fruit is very healthy and full of minerals and vitamins. Besides, the fruit is usually colorful so your baby will find it fun, but it is also very important for a healthy 19 months old development.

19 Month Old Sleep Schedule and Routine


A set sleep routine is a key to hit  19 month old milestones in time. It is also very important for your baby’s mood and development. Setting a routine will help your child to go to bed naturally, without having to battle with her to get her to sleep. 

Babies at this age need about 13-14 hours of sleep every day. This means about 11-12 hours of nighttime sleep plus about 2-3 hours of napping. 

However, you will probably encounter a lot of problems when trying to put your 19-month-old to sleep. The first and the biggest one is very simple – your baby doesn’t want to sleep, playing is much more fun than sleeping. Everything that you and your partner do also seems much more fun. 

Another problem that might cause both of you lack of sleep is waking up at night. To avoid this, you need to teach your child to fall asleep on her own, without a parent to cuddle, without noise machines, or other special soothers. 

Your baby might have night terrors if she’s screaming at night. This episode can last a couple of minutes and your child might scream and cry, but not wake up. If this happens, just try to calm your baby back to sleep, but don’t wake her up from sleep. Also, ensure that the space around your baby’s crib is safe enough to avoid getting hurt when you’re walking there in the middle of the night. 

Overtiredness, changes in routine, and stress can cause night terrors to reoccur. This is why sticking to the same bedtime routine is crucial and necessary. Full night’s rest is very important for your 19 months old development. 

19 Month Old Activities

Your baby will learn new skills throughout the development so make sure you implement new activities and games to make everything more interesting for both of you. These are some of the toys, games, and activities you should try with your little one:

  • Going to the park  – Take your baby to a park with child-friendly equipment and watch her practice her climbing skills and how much she loves it.
  • Soccer – Kicking balls is now fairly easy, so you can try passing the ball to each other. 
  • Baby doll and puppets  – Your baby will imitate everything you do. This means that you can expect her to start feeding or holding her baby doll the way you do it with her. 

When Should You be Worried

It might take a bit longer for some babies to reach certain milestones. This is fine and you shouldn’t be worried if there’s a delay in your baby’s development. Still, if you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to talk to a pediatrician:

  • Difficulties talking or walking
  • Lack of empathy
  • Strange bruises
  • Stiff head
  • Lack of appetite

My Babies Planet Overview 

Your baby is slowly growing each week and hitting 19 month old milestones in time! That little chatterbox is always showing her curiosity and you will have a huge smile on your face when you start noticing her personality. Still, you will occasionally have to deal with some restless nights and strange behavior, but that’s just a normal part of toddlerhood. 

The best you can do is to show support and encourage your baby to keep learning new skills. Set a sleep routine and offer nutritious food to keep your baby healthy!

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