18 Month Old Baby Milestones And Development – New Parents Guide


Toddlers are total attention hogs at this age. You can expect that your baby will start being a lot louder whenever you start a conversation with someone. Also, babies are getting more independent during this month, even though it may not seem like that. A regular checkup is also planned for this month where your doctor will determine whether your little one is hitting those 18 month old milestones in time. 

During this 18 month development, your baby will become a lot more expressive, but also refusing to listen. For example, get ting your toddler in a car seat can sometimes be a nightmare if he’s not in the mood. Keep reading to find out what new things during this month brings to both of you! 

What You Should Know 

  • This month is another regular-checkup month. The doctor will take measurements, check for autism signs, and provide you with the results on where your baby is on the growth chart. 
  • Prepare yourself for a lot of talking! Your baby is learning new words every week and it might start being a lot easier to understand each other for both of you! 
  • Some sleepless nights might occur due to the growth of cuspids. Offer a teething toy to your baby to help her with pain and uncomfortableness. 
  • Your little sidekick is now running all the time! Supervising your baby is very important at this age because she will stay active for the whole day. Watch out for her climbing skills! 

Important 18 Month Old Milestones 

Babies are working on a ton of physical skills at this age and they are usually full of energy. There’s a regular checkup scheduled for this month, so your doctor will determine whether your toddler is hitting 18 month old milestones and if he’s on a healthy curve on the growth chart. 

According to the World Health Organization, the median height for boys this age is 32. inches and for girls about 31.8 inches. When it comes to height, average numbers are 24.1 pounds for boys and 23.4 pounds for girls. 

18 Month Old Skills and Milestones 

These are some of the milestones your baby might be working on if she still didn’t reach them during her 18 month development! 

  • Speech – When it comes to speech, most toddlers can say about 10 words at this age. Very few that are developing slightly faster can name up to 50 things. You can expect two-word phrases to start popping up pretty soon. 
  • Walking – 18 month olds can usually already run at this age. Jumping is the next milestone and will probably start happening soon. Still, you might have to carry your toddler if you’re in a crowded place or taking a long walk. 
  • Potty Training – Some toddlers might start showing interest in potty training at this age. If your baby is asking when she has to go, she wants you to change her diaper, or if she can pull her pants up and down, you might consider introducing potty training. This one is welcome, but not one of the most important 18 month old milestones. 
  • Teething – Brace yourself for another round of teething. Cuspids usually start showing during this period if they haven’t already. 
  • Behavior – You might face some pretty odd and challenging behaviors with your independence-seeking toddler. Separation anxiety and tantrums are among the most common reasons why your baby might be acting up. 

Q: How many words should an 18 month old be saying?

A: During this 18 month development, your baby should’ve learned about 20 simple words. For example, “up”, “down”, “baby”, “cookie”, and “sleepy”. Some babies will, however, develop slightly faster and will be able to communicate a lot more. If your child is still not speaking make sure you consult with your pediatrician to make sure everything is fine. 

Q: What should toddlers know at 18 months?

A: Your toddler should have a decent set of skills by now. From here, new skills will start developing a lot faster. Learning new words will be a lot easier and your toddler will probably learn about 2 new words every week. Imitating you doing chores and trying to dance will also be a daily routine. 

Q: How many body parts should an 18 month old know?

A: Babies will become aware of their body parts when they’re about 15 months old. However, it will take some time for them to learn to name them. You can consider that your 18 month old is normal if she can name 2-3 body parts. But, starting from this month, your baby will learn other body parts a lot faster. 

Q: What skills should an 18 month old have?

A: Developing cognitive skills is very important for babies. Your toddler should know what are the uses of everyday items such as a high chair, spoon, or a brush. Pointing at body parts is also a routine now, and some more creative babies might start to scribble. It is important that your baby can follow verbal commands and not gestures. 

Q: How can I encourage my 18 month old to talk?

A: The best way to encourage your baby to talk is to stick to two-way communication. Make sure that your baby understands what you’re trying to communicate. It is important to speak in your adult voice and to talk about meaningful things. Be relaxed and slow down your talk so there’s enough time for your little one to understand you. 

Q: What should an 18 month old be doing?

A: Babies will be full of energy and very active during this age. You can expect her to play all day and then sleep without waking up. Toddlers will start to communicate a lot more and seek independence. Don’t be surprised by strange behaviors either, just be patient and calm. Be ready to applaud your baby on that wall artwork! 

Q: Is my 18 month old autistic?

A: It is really hard to diagnose autism before a baby turns 2. However, there are a few symptoms that might point to autism. For example, if your baby has problems with communication, behavior, thinking, or empathy, you might consider consulting with your pediatrician about the problem.  Early diagnosis might help a lot with autism treatment. 

18 Month Old Food 

This age is all about transitioning when it comes to eating and drinking. Your baby is probably not drinking formula or breast milk, but rather whole milk at this age. Also, “baby food” is not her thing anymore. Most toddlers use a regular cup to drink, and some more advanced use straw cups. 

Stick to 3 meals + 2 snacks per day routine. If your baby is not getting calcium from other foods, give her 3 8-ounce cups of milk every day. But, if she’s rejecting it don’t force it, she knows the best if she needs more calcium. 

Q: How much milk should an 18 month old have a day?

A: Not more than 24 ounces of milk per day. Limit your baby’s milk intake as too much milk can negatively impact gathering important nutrients from other foods and drinks. Consult with your baby’s pediatrician about the amount of milk she should take if there’s a calcium deficiency. 

18 Month Old Sleep Schedule and Routine 


Your baby must get enough sleep to hit those 18 month old milestones in time! Most toddlers sleep about 11-12 hours during the night at this age. Add another 2-3 hours of naps and you will see that your baby is sleeping up to 14 hours a day!

Doctors recommend not to take any special comfort measures at this age. It is better if your baby learns how to fall asleep on her own. Turn off that special song and try not to rock your baby. You can leave the noise machine turned on if that’s what your baby likes. Becoming independent in terms of falling asleep is a really important 18 month development milestone.

Q: How much sleep does an 18 month old need?

A: Doctors recommend that babies should sleep for 11-14 hours for a healthy 18 month development. Usually, babies will get 10-11 hours of nighttime sleep and 2-3 hours of napping. At this point, your baby probably is napping only once during the day, but this nap is longer.  Try to put your baby to sleep at least 4 hours before midnight.  

18 Month Old Activities

Keep your baby as active as she can be and make sure you try some of these interesting activities and games:

  • Playing catch – Throwing a ball overhand shouldn’t be too hard for your little one.
  • Playing music – Dancing is always fun for both of you. Expect her to start singing soon, too!
  • Read board books – Your curious child will start looking through pages you read to her without help. 

When Should You be Worried

As your little one grows it might encounter some challenges when it comes to reaching certain milestones. Don’t worry as this is very common. Still, speak to your doctor if you notice a presence of these symptoms:

  • Lack of empathy 
  • Not interested in food
  • Uncontrollable tantrums
  • Bumps that shouldn’t be there
  • Difficulties walking or talking 

My Babies Planet Overview 

You will visit your baby’s pediatrician once again for a regular checkup to make sure whether your baby’s hitting 18 month old milestones in time. She is becoming more independent and that will put a big smile on your face! However, be prepared for some odd behavior and occasional tantrums. Teach your baby to fall asleep without help to make sleeping more enjoyable for both of you.

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