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Your toddler knows a bunch of new tricks by this age. Stripping off his diaper, chucking his toys across the room, and opening cabinet doors is now a routine. You will also probably notice that your little one either shows no fear towards strangers and dogs or that he is completely terrified. In both cases, you need to provide supervision and support to help your baby reach those 17 month old milestones!

Another thing you might notice during the 17 month old development is that your baby prefers you over anyone else. You need to talk to your partner and explain not to take it personally – it is just a baby thing! Keep reading to find out more about milestones and development during this period!

What You Should Know 

  • Your baby is now more mobile than it ever was before! Most toddlers can walk on their own at this age and some can even walk backward or run. 
  • Babies should be able to say at least 3-5 words clearly besides “mama” and “dada” at this point. Very few babies that are developing a bit faster can say up to 50 words! 
  • Other moms will brag that they already started to potty train their 1.5-year-old. Don’t force your child if she shows no interest as you will get no results from doing so. 
  • New cuspids will start to show and this might lead to lack of sleep and tearful nights. Use teething necklaces to ease your baby’s pain. 

Important 17 Month Old Milestones

As your baby keeps growing it will reach new milestones more easily. Her measurements are a very important part of that process. The median height at this age is 32.0 inches for boys and 31.4 inches for girls according to the World Health Organization. When it comes to weight, the average numbers are 23.7 pounds for boys and 22.1 pounds for girls. 

17 Month Old Skills and Milestones 

You probably already found out that your toddler is now a completely new, more independent person! These are some of the things you will notice in your 17 month old development during this month!

  • Speech – Babies this age are usually saying 2-3 words clear. However, some children develop faster and hit 17 month old milestones sooner. These kids are now able to understand and say up to 50 words! Also, don’t panic if your baby doesn’t have a lot of words in the vocabulary – they are not a necessity at this age. 
  • Walking – At this point, your baby should be very mobile and walking without any help. You can expect her to start walking up steps and running pretty soon! Be supportive and reward your child for new skills! 
  • Potty Training – When you talk to other moms you might hear that they already started with potty training their 1.5-year-olds. This doesn’t mean you need to force your baby to do the same if she is not ready for it. But, if there are some signs of readiness, consider getting a potty seat and start introducing your child to it. 
  • Teething – This month is in the middle of another teething round. The lower cuspids will start erupting some time during this month, and upper cuspids should already be there for some time as they start to grow around the 16th month. 
  • Behavior – You will have to face some odd and challenging behaviors during this month. Your baby is experiencing new things every day and getting more independent. Dealing with whining, separation anxiety, and tantrums will become your daily routine.  
  • Health – Some health-related issues that might impact your 17 month old development are diarrhea, constipation, fever, and throwing up. Consult with your pediatrician to understand what’s best to do in each of these cases. 

Q: What should a 17 month old be able to do?

A: Your toddler has learned a lot of new tricks by now. He can open cabinet doors, play with toys, understand what you’re trying to communicate, and maybe even ask for potty training. He will also be able to understand what you’re saying and try to use the same words you’re using, so be careful with your language. 

Q: How do I teach my 17 month old words?

A: Since you start to teach your baby new words you need to rely on two-way communication. Besides, always speak in your authentic voice and speak in the first person. Read books designed for toddlers and talk about meaningful, real things. Be relaxed, patient and your baby will certainly hit one of the most important 17 month old milestones!

Q: How do I deal with my 17 month old’s tantrums?

A: You need to be consistent and firm to tame your toddler’s tantrums. It can be really difficult not to lose your temper in these situations, but you have to stay calm. Breathe and control your emotions. Explain to your baby what is acceptable and what’s not.

17 Month Old Food 

Keep with the same regular schedule of feeding – 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Don’t forget that toddler’s portion is 4 times smaller than an adult’s. If your baby is not getting calcium from other ingredients, make sure that you provide her with at least 3 8-ounce cups every day. In total, your baby should intake about 700mg of calcium and roughly about 1,000 calories per day. Proper nutrition is necessary for a healthy 17 month old development. 

Some moms might still be breastfeeding at this time. If you practice this, you can continue for as long as you both like. Remember to go slowly if you’re planning to wean your toddler. 

You might have a picky eater by your side if refusing to eat is the only issue. Your pediatrician will reassure you that everything else is fine on the regular checkup next month. Limit unhealthy treats and offer as many healthy ingredients as you can. 

Call a pediatrician if you notice that your baby is not eating anything at all. This might be a sign of illness and you can get the best help possible at the doctor’s office. Don’t panic because it is probably just constipation that will resolve pretty soon. 

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule and Routine 


Your toddler will have to get 11-14 hours of sleep each day to hit 17 month old milestones more easily. Getting through nighttime shouldn’t be much of a hassle if your baby doesn’t have teething problems. Also, most babies start transitioning to a single afternoon nap. But, some still don’t give up on the morning nap either. 

As already mentioned, teething can be one reason for the lack of sleep. But, separation anxiety, nightmares, fears, and plenty of other reasons can impact your toddler’s sleep. You need to figure out the root of the problem to get her back to the regular sleep routine. Set limits and stick with the same bedtime routine if you want to see good results. 

Don’t be surprised if your baby is rejecting to go to sleep. Still, you don’t fall for their mind games and do everything you’re supposed to get her in the bed. Turn off devices, music, and TV at least an hour before bedtime. Read her a story, refill water, turn on a noise machine and kiss her for a good night. Good night sleep is very important for a healthy 17 month old development and you should do your best to get her through the night. 

Q: What time should a 17 month old go to bed?

A: Reaching certain developmental milestones will require enough sleep. So, keeping the bedtime consistent is very important to get your baby through these changes. Put your baby to sleep between 6:30 and 7:30 PM as this will give her at least 4 hours of sleep before midnight – which is the best time for deep sleep. 

17 Month Old Activities 

These are some of the most fun and common activities for toddlers this age:

  • Sorting – Teach your baby how to sort toys by shape or color. This may lead to sorting the laundry one day.
  • Play ball – As your baby’s coordination gets better, make sure to introduce new games with a ball.
  • Riding toys – Your little one probably pretends to ride a horse or a car from time to time! 

When Should You be Worried 

There’s usually no reason to worry if your baby is developing slightly slower. Still, pay attention and make sure to talk to your pediatrician if you notice any of  these signs:

  • Lack of empathy
  • No interest in learning to walk and talk
  • Aggressiveness 
  • Uncontrollable tantrums
  • Stiff head

My Babies Planet Overview

When it comes to 17 month old milestones, things are not much different from previous months. You might have to deal with a lot of tantrums and odd behavior, but she will eventually calm down. Teething problems might cause sleeping issues and you need to find a way to put your baby to sleep. Eating shouldn’t concern you too much as babies eat almost everything at this age. 

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