13 Month Old Baby Milestones And Development – New Parents Guide


Your little one is getting more curious and independent each day. The first steps are maybe already taken, too. If that’s the case, your baby deserves a lot of applause. Encouragement will motivate and reassure your child to keep doing its best to work towards other 13 month old milestones too! 

Usually, babies can play with blocks, grabbing them and throwing them back into a container. This will be a lot of fun for your little as it the sense of accomplishment will make your baby happy. Some toddlers are even able to scribble with crayons at this time. Keep reading to find out more about 13 months old development milestones!

What You Should Know

  • Your baby is getting more independent each day – help her with things she is trying to do on her own. Don’t be afraid if she fails since that is a normal part of the learning curve. 
  • Few babble words are now there. Of course, they will be shortened and probably not very correct, but you can feel that your child is starting to communicate with you. 
  • Introduce your baby to new games such as peek a boo and coloring. This will have a positive impact on development and brain skills. 
  • Do your best to stick to the regular sleeping schedule to avoid your baby being in a bad mood. Besides, sleeping regularly is very important for healthy development. 

Important 13 Month Old Milestones

Some babies will develop faster, so don’t be worried if your baby didn’t hit some of the 13 month old milestones we will mention below. Be supportive and work with your child to hit them more easily! Still, there’s not much you can do about your baby’s height and weight, so take a look at 13 months old development milestones on that. 

What is the average weight and height of a 13-month-old? 21.8 pounds for boys and 20.2 pounds for girls, according to the World Health Organization. When it comes to height, average numbers are 30.3 inches for boys and 29.6 inches for girls. Still, the number on the scale is not that important actually as every kid is different. Just make sure that your little one is growing and healthily gaining weight.

13 Month Old Skills and Milestones

These are the most important milestones and skills you and your baby should be working on:

  • Talking – Can your baby talk at this age? Yes; but, probably, the words won’t sound correctly yet. Your precious one will probably use babble sounds to communicate – “ma” for “mama”, “da” for “dada”, and even “ba” for “bottle”. This is also considered talking as you will slowly start to understand what your toddler is trying to tell you. Also, using gibberish that has tones might come out of your baby and you will figure out that it is trying to make a real conversation with you. But, you will notice that there aren’t any actual words there, which is perfectly normal.
  • Walking – Walking is also one of the more important 13 month old milestones. But, make sure that your toddler is setting the pace of learning. If your baby is not ready yet, don’t rush her into walking. But, your little one will surely love it when you play with it in a way that will push the boundaries. If you find out that your child can stand easily with your support, hold both of your baby’s hands and kneel in front of her. Talk to your baby softly and try to make her step towards you.

Q: How can I encourage my 13 month old to talk?

A: Try encouraging your 13-month old by labeling as many objects and actions as you can. Use new words and repeat them whenever you can. Also, speak with your “adult” voice and use simple, clear speech so your child can start developing healthy speaking habits.  Also, talk with your baby when you have any sort of activity with her. 

Q: How do you teach your baby to talk?

A: It is really important for your  13 months old development that you watch, listens, imitates, and elaborate as she is trying to speak. Do your best during playtime too and keep trying to speak with your baby in a clear tone. Smile and applaud whenever your baby hit the word almost correctly. 

Q: Should I be worried that my 13 month old isn’t walking?

A: There’s no reason to worry if your child is not walking at 13 months. Some babies start walking as late as 15-6 months of age, so you can consider that your little one is doing just fine. Just make sure that your child gets proper support if it is trying to learn to walk on its own. 

Q: Are babies that walk early smarter?

A: The timing doesn’t matter. In the past, we thought that early walking was a sign of high intelligence. But, now we know that hitting milestones early won’t have any impact on the coordination or intelligence of a child. So, don’t worry if your child didn’t hit this particular 13 months old development milestone. 

Q: Do autistic babies walk late?

A: Even though many babies with autism are not able to walk independently by 16 months of age, new studies have shown that delayed independent walking isn’t a direct sign of autism. Some autistic babies start walking perfectly on time. Still, if you think your baby isn’t hitting this major motor milestone, speak with your pediatrician. 

Q: Are push walkers bad for babies?

A: Push walkers won’t necessarily cause harm to your child. But, you have to make sure that you supervise your baby carefully while it is using a push walker since it can get into trouble fast. Keep in mind that these toys won’t speed up the process of independent walking, so if your baby doesn’t like the toy, don’t use it. 

13 Month Old Food 

Your baby is now starting to transition from a formula, bottle, and other baby food. Still, she is learning new things and you need to go slowly with the transition. Keep offering about 1,000 calories per day, but be sure that she will know the best whether she’s hungry or not. 

Expect that your little one will start being a bit picky with food, and that is fine. She is developing her taste in food and personality, so let her choose what she likes. Just remember that you need to offer healthy foods every day. 

13 Month Old Sleep Schedule and Routine


At this age, your baby will probably be settled into a sleep schedule you made in the previous months. Still, things like streaks of independence, teething (teething toys will help you a lot), and illness can sometimes impact the sleep routine. The recommended sleeping time is about 11-14 hours in a 24-hour loop for 13 months old. Some babies are more comfortable with having 2 naps per day, but you may notice that your toddler might slowly start to transition into 1 nap. So, depending on your kid’s schedule the sleeping hours will be broken up differently. 

Also, don’t be surprised if your baby won’t sleep. Your little one may try to do anything just not to go to bed – asking for their favorite toy or more water are very common ways of avoiding sleep. This is why you must make your baby’s room comfy to get your baby to sleep on time. 

13 Month Old Activity 

The activity your baby gets at 13 months of age is also really important. Many babies start getting interested in mimicking their parents and playing games at this age. The first signs of the artistic nature of your baby might also show up during this period! 

Here are a few games and activities your baby might find fun to do: 

  • Coloring: Grab a pack of chunky crayons and see if your child is interested in scribbling on a paper.
  • Peek-a-boo: Some babies start playing along at this age.
  • Chores: You might notice that your little one is interested in helping you when it sees you wiping the countertop or sweeping the floor.
  • Pass the ball: Just roll a ball to your baby and wait to see whether it will roll it back. This game can be a lot of fun if the baby is interested. 

Q: What should my baby be doing at 13 months old?

A: In addition to walking or cruising, babbling words, and trying to play games, your baby will be able to do other things too when they reach these 13 months old development milestones. You may notice that your baby can now hold a spoon, that it has illogical tantrums, and that it asks to use a potty. 

When Should You be Worried

Babies will grow at different rates and will hit certain milestones at different times. It may take an extra month or two to achieve certain milestones if your baby was born prematurely and that isn’t a cause for alarm. Still, make sure you talk to your pediatrician if you notice any of these strange symptoms:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Not interested in activities
  • Not eating properly 
  • Not gaining weight 
  • Stiff head
  • No smiles and sounds 

My Babies Planet Overview

You can be sure that everything is fine if your baby is hitting those 13 month old milestones with no problems. But, there’s also no reason to worry if your child is not walking or talking yet. Don’t be scared since your baby is just has a bit slower brain development. Play with your little one whenever you can to work on motor skills. Speak to your baby in your “adult” voice to help with the first words!

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