11 Month Old Baby Milestones And Development – New Parents Guide


Baby is making some massive transformations this month. From crawling to cruising to walking, your little one seems to be more independent now. The movements have not only increased but they seem to be much quicker too.

In just 11 months, your baby has turned into a little bundle of energy – getting into everything in the house, disassembling toys, and prodding and poking stuff, all in the name of satisfying his curiosity.  

Let’s see what else to look forward to as your soon-to-be toddler reaches the 11 month old milestones. Shall we?

What You Should Know 

  • Now that baby is moving about easily, let him explore textures of different kinds including grass in the yard.
  • Encourage the baby to be independent. Simple tasks like putting his shoes together or putting his toys back in the box will go a long way in preparing him for more complex independent tasks like tying his shoelaces or wearing clothes.  
  • Schedule your little one’s 12 month checkup and send out invitations for his first birthday party or photoshoot. 

The Most Adorable 11 Month Old Milestones

Perhaps the most significant 11 month baby development is the leaning out. Remember that chubby ‘baby’ look your little person had a few months ago? It will soon go away, leaving the baby with more lean muscle. 

Baby is becoming more and more active, which means most of the fat that had been stored in his body is being broken down to release energy to power his laps around the house. Make sure you are keeping those laps safe by baby proofing your furniture and living room. Below are more changes to expect as baby turns 11 months old.

  • Weight And Height

At 11 months old, an infant should weigh around 20.7 pounds for boys and 19.2 pounds for girls. The average height should be about 29.2 inches for boys and 28.6 inches for girls. 

Your baby at this month could be gaining between 3 to 5 ounces every week and may have grown about ½ an inch taller. However, as he becomes more active, his growth rate may start to slow down, and you may find that he is not putting on weight as fast as he used to a few months ago. 

Usually, slow weight gain at this age should not be a cause for alarm. As long as the baby has been feeding properly, looks happy and healthy, and has been showing steady growth, it’s probably nothing to worry about. But if you are concerned about it, schedule an appointment with the pediatrician. 

  • The Senses


By the eleventh month, baby can see pretty well. He can see objects as far as 20 feet away. He seems fascinated by moving objects too; he will follow you with his eyes as you move around the room.  Try dropping a feather or any floatable object and you will see baby watch it float until it falls. 


Baby listens to you closely now and can integrate his hearing with his sense of sight, meaning, your little one at this age will look and listen to you at the same time. If you talk to him, he will maintain eye contact and may even smile at you to show you he understands what you are saying (but we all know kids understand very little at this age).

Your little one can also obey simple instructions now. He understands “No!” stands for disapproval, “bye-bye” means someone is leaving, and nodding means “Yes”. 


Your 11 month old fingers seem to be on a mission to seek and destroy! He will prod, poke, rip, and break things unapologetically. Baby has mastered pincer grasp pretty well too. This month, he uses his thumb more to grip on things. He can even hold a spoon and put food in his mouth! 

But baby’s obsession with small objects isn’t going away. He will spot tiny items from afar, crawl toward them and won’t hesitate to pick and put them in his mouth. Here is where inspecting your baby’s play mat and play yard for choking hazards regularly comes in handy. 


At 11 months, the baby will try to repeat the words you speak. Of course, he will not say them as well as you, but the mere attempt itself is a clear sign that his vocal cords have developed pretty well. 

So, “What should the baby be saying at 11 months,” you may ask? At this age, the baby will go beyond mimicking you. He will experiment with his speech with words he remembers hearing you say. Baby at this age should be saying “mama” or “dada” and assigning the names to the correct parent. 

Not only that. He knows to call a parent selectively based on the situation. For instance, if he mostly plays with dad, he may exclaim “dada!” when he wants to play, and if he wants to feed, he may call “mama!”

  • Motor Skills

If you are a first-time parent, you may want to know, “What should an 11 month old be doing?” Well, here is what your little one will be doing as he marks the 11 month old milestones.

  • Changing position to reach for items or crawling toward them
  • Standing without support
  • Walking while holding onto furniture
  • Making a few steps unsupported
  • May climb stairs. Keep your little one safe by baby proofing stairs
  • Grabbing finger foods and stuffing them in his mouth
  • Stacking bowls, cups, and play items
  • Rolling from front to back and vice versa
  • Bopping and dancing to music

11 Month Old Food

Baby at 11 months is eating solids well (and may even be feeding himself!) along with breast milk and formula. At this age, he should be consuming between 16 and 20 ounces of baby formula to effectively fuel his active life. 

What Can My 11 Month Old Eat For Breakfast?

Your 11 month old can have mashed banana, cheerios with milk, buttered wholemeal toast, cubes of cheese, strawberries, and porridge fingers for breakfast. You may also feed him strips of scrambled or hardboiled eggs. 

What Can I Give My 11 Month Old For Lunch?

An 11 month old can have lamb curry with rice, baked beans, and pitta bread with vegetable finger foods for lunch. He may also have cauliflower cheese with soft pasta pieces, or cottage cheese dip with carrot sticks.

Can I Give My 11 Month Old Almond Milk?

No, you should not give your 11 month old almond milk, cow milk, or any other type of milk until he is at least 12 months old. Infants at this age should only have breast milk or formula. 

Can I Stop Giving My 11 Month Old Formula?

No, you should not stop giving your 11 month old formula until he is at least one year old. At this age, you can even offer almond milk or full cream cow milk. Once your little one is one year old, you may also consider replacing the baby bottle with a sippy cup

11 Month Old Sleep


At 11 months old, the baby is probably sleeping 13 or 14 hours day, 11 or 10 of those hours at night and the rest during the day split into a morning and an afternoon nap. Some babies may have already started skipping the morning nap and having a longer stretch in the afternoon, which is normal. 

But your little one’s sleep may be interrupted at this age probably due to a growth spurt. Sometimes, it could just be a transition period as the baby adjusts to a more mobile and active lifestyle. 

So, “How can I get my 11 month old to sleep through the night,” you may ask?

 To help your baby sleep through the night, try sleep training. This could involve establishing a bedtime routine, teaching your baby to self-soothe, reducing nighttime feedings, and making sure your little one is getting the appropriate amount of sleep in the daytime. 

A Day In A 11 Month Old Life

11 Month olds are full of life and energy and are always ready to discover their surroundings. Make sure you are providing a supportive environment for your kiddie to learn and explore as he attains the 11 month old milestones. 

But some parents may wonder, “How can I keep my 11 months old busy?” We have some ideas:

  • Have reading sessions together. Point at things and people in pictures and ask your little one what or who they are. 
  • Take the baby to the park where he can meet and interact with new people
  • Teach baby new words and instructions to help improve his communication skills
  • Read and narrate stories

When Should You Be Concerned?

Babies grow differently and each will reach the 11 month baby development stages at his own pace. However, if your little one is displaying the following symptoms, seek expert medical advice:

  • Hasn’t attempted to crawl
  • Can’t sit up on his own 
  • Doesn’t interact with you 
  • Doesn’t respond to his name or simple commands
  • Doesn’t say even a single word
  • Doesn’t seem to coordinate his senses

Is Your 11 Month Old Healthy?

There is no checkup until the baby is 12 months old. Therefore, if you are like most first-time parents, you may have a host of questions regarding your baby’s growth and development since your last checkup. Here, we answer the three most common.

How Many Teeth Should My 11 Month Old Have?

Your 11 month old should have 4 teeth; 2 lower central incisors and 2 upper central incisors. But baby can’t chew food yet. These adorable, pearly teeth are primarily for biting. 

How Can I Encourage My 11 Month Old To Walk?

To encourage your 11 month old to walk, try holding his hands and walking behind her. You can introduce a push toy too or get him an active pet so he is always on the move.  Also, make sure you are allowing him to walk barefoot often.

How Often Should An 11 Month Old Poop?

How often your baby poops depends on what you feed him and how frequently you do it. Some babies will poop once per day, while others will poop up to 3 times or more. Others will poop every 3 or 4 days and still be fine. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Watching your little one grow and undergo all the transformations that come with the 11 month baby development is adorable. But it is always important to remember that babies are different and will hit these milestones at a different rate. 

As long as your little bundle of joy is not showing any of the symptoms we have discussed above, don’t pressure him. Just continue feeding him, showering him with love and cuddles and enjoying motherhood.

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